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  • sushilup
    02-13 07:42 AM
    All the people who had LUD on 2/10 and 2/11 (WAC cases), any update?

    I heard in many post that after LUD few people got RFE...some people also saying that it could be FP notice

    Please update if your status online changes



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  • thomachan72
    08-30 09:54 AM
    Most of the state colleges, (In my case, none of the state colleges), including under-grad and medical schools, will accept application, if you do not have GC/ US citizenship. I tried, wrote letters, but of no use.
    You can apply and get admission in private college, which of course cost much more.
    Also, we were not able to take any federal loans.

    Hi Dinesh, in your quote above were you intending to say that most state colleges WILL NOT accept applications if you do not have GC/citizenship? So to attend a state college you NEED TO BE a GC holder/citizen? If that is the case how come lot of international students come here and attend state colleges for MS/Phds and get assistanships/fee waivers?

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  • sledge_hammer
    02-27 04:10 PM
    Though I want to feel sorry for you I cannot. Between all the things you have written I was trying to find one small indication to know that you are sorry for what you have done. I did not find one. You are arrogant enough to blame the immigration laws for not permiting you to come to the US, but never really looked into your own flaws for flouting drug laws.

    Besides, this is a forum for legal employment based immigrants. You may hardly find any resource here that will help you with what you want!

    My husband and son are being discriminated against for having an Alien wife and mother.

    If an Alien deported with drug-related offences of more than 30 grams of Marijuana, like me, solicits a Non-Immigrant Visa to visit in the U.S. at the same time my husband or son solicit an Immigrant Visa for me to remain in the U.S. with them, the Alien will be granted her Non-Immigrant Visa and my husband’s or my son’s request will never be acknowledged.

    This is our story: Everything we ever learned from the U.S. about truth and justice is suddenly being deprived of any meaning by the U.S. itself. The hardest part for us is believing that everything we’ve based our lives on – the American way, has no merit.

    I was deported from the United States of America on February 18, 2005. I lived there nearly 30 years since I was 20 months old, when my mother crossed the Rio Grande into the country with me illegally. I was given an opportunity to become legal under the NACARA law but was to afraid of being deported like Maricela Soza was under the same law and didn’t go through with the entire process. I have both a husband and a son who are U.S. citizens but I am permanently prohibited by Immigration law from immigrating to the United States, while at the same time I am allowed to visit. Due to my drug-related offence of more than 30 grams of Marijuana. It’s Immigration law’s contradicting policies which I find disturbing.

    U.S. Immigration is concerned with their citizens’ welfare but it is denying my husband’s and my son’s requests to have me back by their side for good. Although Immigration law will value my wish to receive admission into the United States. Needless to say I prefer returning, immigrating and remaining in the country by my family’s side. That’s not taking into account the fact that I am still homesick and continue experiencing culture shock in Nicaragua. What the Department of Homeland Security is doing to my family and I is cruel, inhumane and unpatriotic. No free country’s government has any business deciding how families should be formed or whose personal choice is agreeable or not. Like that of my son’s and husband’s choice to overlook my shortcomings and begin our lives over together again.

    The 212(d)(3) Waiver allows a visitor’s visa into the U.S. to be issued to an Alien like me if I show evidence of rehabilitation such as becoming a practicing professional with a U.S. job offer. Sometimes with lone proof of a bank savings account, school registration and satisfactory travel record. On the other hand there isn’t one waiver available for United States Citizens who wish to rebuild their lives with an Alien deported for any drug-related offence of more than 30 grams of Marijuana. Not only are my son’s and my husband’s needs being ignored but my needs are being placed before their own. An act I dare name TREASON.

    How much more is the United States citizens’ welfare secured if an Alien with an undesirable drug history enters the United States merely to visit and not to immigrate? Shouldn’t all United States citizens’ needs and rights within and from their country – such as my husband’s and my son’s, come before any Alien’s need or right to receive admission into the U.S., including my own? Also, shouldn’t Family-Based Immigration take first place over “Alien travel” for any reason?

    I regret to say it’s these types of injustices with devastating consequences to the recipient’s and his/her immediate relatives’ personal lives remaining raveled, much more unacknowledged that play a large role in the cause for conflict concerning disloyalty toward the U.S. and unpopularity of the U.S. among U.S. citizens and foreign nationals inside and outside of the United States. I trust that once this oversight is brought to DHS’s attention they will not knowingly continue punishing my husband and my son for loving me, an Alien who once stumbled while attempting to survive in the U.S..

    I’m afraid to imagine how many individuals involved in cases like my family’s and mine go on thinking that the U.S. is a bad country for having the audacity to pass judgment on them. I’ve had to believe there’s a glitch somewhere in immigration law caused by simple human error. I can’t accept that the U.S. I grew to know as a loving, Christian country with caring values is intentionally causing my loved ones and I grief. It goes without saying that as much as the United States has a duty to protect its citizens it also has a duty to be equally diplomatic toward foreigners and not continue persecuting the one or the other long after any condemning sentence has been exacted and executed. I know the United States of America will do right by my son, my husband, me, and the rest of its citizens and foreign nationals in our predicament.

    We want the 212(d)(3) Non-Immigrant Visas Waiver made into an Immigrant Visas Waiver for Immediate Relatives of U.S. Citizens to make sure United States citizens receive competent protection from the Department of Homeland Security and adequate protection from the United States of America.

    My husband and son believe a Waiver should be available to me and I believe their Freedom Of Belief civil liberty is being violated because their belief is being discriminated against. My needs are being placed before their own. I am not able to immigrate to the U.S. because immigration law doesn’t allow me a Waiver enabling my husband or son to claim me successfully. If I had a Waiver available to me they wouldn’t have to be at this crossroads making their case public in the courts, therefore their Right To Privacy is also being violated as a result of their belief being discriminated against. I couldn’t live with myself if I don’t speak out, they’re attempting to do the same for me. We don’t want to cause any problems, we just want to move on with our lives.

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  • gc_on_demand
    11-21 06:31 PM
    That's very true. Shame on us for being lazy and waiting for the right moment.
    The 16th district teams needs to be more re-united. I will talk to digital2k and arrange to meet Zoe in few days.

    I was looking for some one who is from Dis 16th. Please start movement rfom there.. ( her office ) do let me know what comes out. I am ready with next action iteam.. call list... unless she agrees nothing can start except media drive.


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  • vin
    09-19 08:12 PM
    This is a constant struggle. Didn't you see lage raho munnabhai where munnabhai pitches a tent outside the landlord's house to win his favor.

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  • arnet
    06-26 02:18 PM
    Congrats to all those who got GC approved.

    Guys, please post your priority date and EB category, I-485 date, service center when you post it. helps to predict. thanks.


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  • amsgc
    06-12 08:47 PM
    Mark Kirkoreiean's (or whatever his name is) thesis is that not everyone who gets a green card through EB is a genius, and that is not good for America. "Einstein" here doesn't understand that it takes more than a genius to make a company successful, and thereby create more jobs for your average Joe. If you are in the business of developing cutting edge technology, you certainly need some very smart people in your labs. But the guy who actually gets the product out of the door is your moderately above average skilled employee who knows how to get the job done. The whole argument that America needs the "best and the brightest" only is terribly flawed. And what better example than this Kericorien (or whatever his name is) character himself. In his testimony, he suggests that EB should be limited to EB1, and that too, to about 15K. Great, these 15K people will be able to do the job of the 500K gainfully employed individuals whose EB application is pending. Super! Good luck with selling that Mark.

    After reading what Mr Mark had to say i must say i m furious but at the same time i understand what he is trying to do viz Misguide!

    Folks like Krikorian thrive on donations made by misguided people (in the name of not-for profit and enticing them with tax exemptions). You don't have to be an "Einstein" to figure that out but you have to be at least EB3 category :D

    Reminds me of the Simcox guy of the minuteman project who raised millions and fooled a lot of people in the name of border fence which turned out to be a cow fence at best.

    And now a little prayer to calm down Soul!
    "May Mark Krikorian always be surrounded by Illegals and us EB2 and EB3 category immigrants" :D

    P.S- I generally don't mix Illegals with us.. but I made an exception just for Mr Mark, I'm sorry if that offends anyone.

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  • jetflyer
    06-13 10:48 AM
    Mark Kirkoreiean's (or whatever his name is) thesis is that not everyone who gets a green card through EB is a genius, and that is not good for America.

    Along same lines, I would like to ask, Mark or whoever in anti-immigration camp,
    there are only 1M (may be little less) skilled workers looking for immigration and you have problem with that because all of them are not THE BRIGHTEST one, okay... well first understand, for THE BRIGHTEST we have EB1 which is working great. Now in America there is a lot of work which needs experienced and highly skilled worker and we have EB2 for that, apart from that we still have a lot of work which requires hitech skilled worker and for that we have Eb3. So by the definition system has already identified the need and have representation for those.

    And secondly you have problem with those who came legally and are highly skilled and have followed all the rules since day 1, counts less that 1 million, you are not willing to give them GC on other hand there are 12M (actually 20 M) who can't even write their names in English and everybody is ready to give them GC even the president of US is ready.

    Doesn't that give signal that US is pro illegal and anti-legal immigration.... think about it


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  • wikipedia_fan
    04-09 03:11 PM
    Does this mean that an MTR filed without the filing fee is automatically considered an appeal?

    I don't think so. For an appeal - those boxes must be checked. Once again - I might be wrong.

    Sometimes they return the forms back saying - please file it with a fee - sometimes they keep it - WE DONT KNOW

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  • helloh1
    01-27 01:35 PM
    Jaihind...thats really unethical. Its sad to hear such experiences.
    Although I cant help you...I really wish you good luck.


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  • desi3933
    07-19 12:17 PM
    I have a similar question that has been bugging me for some time and hasn't gotten a clear answer. Here is the details and not sure if there would be any problem to I-485.
    1. My wife came to US on H4 in Dec '03 which is valid up to sept' 06. Given I-94 reflecting same.
    2. Traveled outside US on H4 twice and each time got new I-94 till Set' 06.
    3. Applied for H1B and got approved for adjustment for status from Oct' 2005 with I-94 at the bottom of approval notice. H1B approval notice and I94 is valid till sept' 2008.
    4. Employer (consulting firm) insisted on getting SS number before searching for projects so applied for SS# and waited.
    5. After delays received SS card in March' 06.
    6. Found a project soon, but the start date was from June ' 06 and 'officially' joined the company from June' 06.
    7. Employer asked for a signed letter from my wife that due to health reasons, she is joining two months late - not sure if it is purely for their safety or ours?.
    8. Continuous paychecks since jun '06
    9. Haven't traveled abroad after getting H1B approved.
    9. Applied for I485 together in June' 07 with me being direct beneficiary and wife being derivative. Submitted all documents i., passports, I-94, approval notices, w-2, tax returns, employment letter etc for both.

    So the question is not getting paychecks or not joining the company immediately can cause any problem to her I485? I read some where that It is not a problem for H1B AOS as person is not required to join the employer immediately after getting approved for H4 to H1B AOS and it is a problem only if entered the country on H1B and not receiving paychecks in between.. Is this true??

    Also, it says on DOS website that employee-employer relation is critical for H1B and employee can be on vacation, sick, out of pay etc. Not exactly sure what it means by relation.

    Person, if in USA, has 30 days to start working for H1 employer after CoS approval date. One more thing, one can start working after applying for SSN without waiting for getting actual SSN.

    It seems that she was out of status.

    Not a legal advice.

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  • ppt.b
    04-09 11:42 AM
    Agreed 100%. Last year I was part of this lottery system, had a genuine job offer but was not lucky enough to be selected in the lottery. I know so many people who were lucky to get thru the lottery but are still hunting for jobs.

    I hope this changes....may be after Presidential elections....


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  • Abhinaym
    07-28 09:30 PM
    That was a very illogical reply to the per-country limit question. How come a large number of people from certain countries automatically eliminate people from smaller countries from getting green cards? That's an extremely dumb way of looking at it.

    If you remove the limits, yes most of the cards will go to people from India and China, THAT'S BECAUSE THEY'RE #$@!$ING BACKLOGGED FOR DECADES DUE TO THE LIMITS!!

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  • yabadaba
    06-05 09:36 AM
    I am not sure. Here is what my opinion is :

    I think he posts spicy messages on his forum to market himself. He uses strong language against USCIS to gain support from his prospective clients.

    Has he ever stood up for immigrants other than writing strong worded posts? Give me examples as I do not know any? I may be wrong in my assumption.
    what does that have to do with anything?

    the title of this thread is "Ron Gotcher's take on VB." Its what he thinks on a forum hosted by him.

    a lot of these lawyers post "spicy messages." Its marketing in the 21st Century. He did not say that its grounds for a lawsuit, a reader of his forum asked him the question and he said he didnt know and the july bulletin would clarify things.

    A majority of the attorneys dont do anything for the EB community. the few that do attend rallies or do the ask questions type of conference call arent really serving the community. They are doing the same thing that Gotcher is doing. I am not defending him by any means. i myself had issues with some of his posts that I feel were directed at getting more traffic to his website, but this thread was about his impression about the july bulletin. With the lack of interest at predicting VBs, this is at least something to discuss.


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  • eilsoe
    02-03 05:22 AM
    np kit :)

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  • aachoo
    02-19 01:12 PM
    Aachoo, downthedrain, jazzbytheway, sushilup, rvr_jcop -

    question 1) did both you and your spouse's I485 cases receive the "pending at the location it was transfered to"?
    question 2) did both you and your spouses I485 cases receive RFE?
    question 3) did both you and your spouses case have an LUD after RFE?

    have you guys received the RFE notices and if yes, what is USCIS asking


    1- The "pending at the location" note has been in there since it was transferred from NSC-CSC-NSC.
    2- RFE only for me at this point (online). Wife's still says "pendin at the location" but has soft LUDs
    3- I got LUD after RFE

    Not received RFE yet.


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  • JunRN
    07-17 02:07 AM
    I just don't like the tone of after getting work with a valid permit, then suddenly, one turns against those who are applying for work permit for the fear that they may take his job.

    The anti-immigrants also fear that the immigrants are taking their jobs or lowering their wages atleast.

    I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings but that's what I think and just my opinion.

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  • rsayed
    04-14 11:34 AM
    I remember I read this somewhere (on one of the forum threads on IV) - that the only dates movement (if any) for EB-2 (India) will be only during Oct'07 (when the new financial year begins).

    Until then, I guess there is no point in checking these Visa Bulletins; Only difference is when one of the pro-immigrant Bills in the Senate or House get passed.

    For now, best strategy is to follow IV Core's directives - they have always been on top of things (going by the past one year or so), and seem to know more than most of us.

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  • Brightsider
    11-25 04:55 PM
    Commendable Job!!!
    Please accept my compliments, Pappu and the team.

    My suggestions for your meeting with USCIS:-
    1. In the interest of transparency, let them also publish data about monthly filings in each of the EB categories. It will reduce uncertainty further.
    2. Provide separate numbers for family-based and employment-based cases in their monthly progress reports. To a large extent, this can be obviated by regularly updating the pendency figures published in Sept 09.
    3. Include the CP data in the same report along with I-485 data. Becomes easier to compile the big picture and analyze it.

    Now, since we dont have any academic interest in the subject,
    4. Press the case for recapture of lost visas
    5. Have quarterly spillover. Implementation of suggestion (1) will be an enabling factor.

    04-21 08:42 PM
    I wanted to send message also.Do you recommend giving original deatils on the form when sending message to white house and senators.


    I provided all details including my address, email, phone etc....

    06-26 03:42 PM
    Have any lawyers recommended against DIGITAL Photos? and Asked to use on Polaroids?

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