Micro Bikini Fashions - How to Look Thinner in Swimwear This Season

When you think about going away on vacation or joining your friends on their boat this weekend, do you oftentimes stress about what type of swimming suit to wear because you've put on some extra pounds in the past several months? You know that you'd like to look thinner, but with the micro bikini fashions becoming so popular these days, you feel like putting a sarong over your old one-piece suit and just reading a book pool side. But is that any way to have fun?

Let's explore several ways that you can look thinner in swimwear this season, including those micro bikini fashions. First, decide which parts of your body you feel are your best assets, and play into those features when considering a new swimsuit.

Do you have long sexy legs? How about big breasts? Do you have a slender waistline in comparison to the rest of your body? Each one of these is an asset that you can focus on when buying a bikini.

To cover up those extra pounds, for now, try to find a Lycra suit with a tummy or derriere panel that will minimize the size of one or both of those areas. Lycra compresses the skin without sacrificing comfort. You might also buy or order a swimsuit that's one size larger than the one you wore previously. Buying a larger size helps to minimize the tendency to see bulges through swimsuit material. Another thought is to choose fabrics that are thicker than the other brands. The thicker the material, the more compressed your skin or body parts will appear.

To life your breasts and make them the focal point of your outfit, choose a bikini top with a built-in bra or a shelf bra. When your onlookers see you in your suit, they will be drawn to your enhanced chest area, rather than focusing on your tummy, or possible large hips (if that's where your extra pounds have settled).

Another fashion trend is seen in bikinis or one-piece suits that have vertical stripes since the design tends to elongate the body to make it appear taller and thinner. Even if you have never purchased a swimsuit before that had vertical stripes, you really should do yourself a favor and try one on, just to see how you look in the mirror. I think you'll be positively amazed at the results.

Invite a friend over to your home and go online to look at swimsuits and bikinis. Ask your friend which styles and colors would look best on you. Friends do love to help, and their brutal honesty may surprise you--but in a good way.

Above all, choose a swimsuit that will flatter your body type, your hair color, and your skin tone. When you look good, you feel good about yourself, and others will notice.

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