Bikini Fashion - Follow These Tips!

Women that have a large chest often seem worried about their selection of a bikini. There are also women who are worried about their wide shoulders or small hip size, that doesn't them to easily find the best bikini style available. These are the body parts that can be attributed to woman who have an inverted triangle body shape. So, for these women we have a few tips to make their bikini selection a bit easier:

• Never opt for a strapless top, as this will squish you down and cannot offer an adequate amount of support.

• You need to look for bikinis with a wider strap, so that you can keep it perfectly in place. Ensure the top you are going to wear can offer enough coverage if you don't want to show off too much.

• When it's all about mixing and matching up colors, you can do just the opposite. All you need to do is draw more attention to your bottom half of the bikini. In order to achieve this, simply select bright colors for this segment.

Bikini swimwear is becoming a very important product for women, as appearance at the beach is as important as going to an event or cocktail party. Bikini annual sales volumes are increasing every year. Since its inception, the bikini has come a long way.

The two-piece bathing suit was first introduced in 1946 by Louis Reard. The suit was very provocative at the time, so he had a very hard time finding a model to wear the suit to advertise to the public. Mr. Reard had to hire a nude dancer to preview his fashion piece! The bikini didn't gain mainstream popularity until the late 1950's to 1960's. The Beach Boys music, as well as movies such as Beach Party, also helped swimwear gain a lot of popularity.

Today the bikini has taken on an entirely new look that accentuates every curve and female body shape. There are now over a half a dozen different styles and designs that include the string bikini, tankini, micro bikini, thong bikini, as well as bandini, and more.

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