The American Flag Bikini

The American flag bikini has recently become very popular. Why, you may ask yourself? Well, because of all the media attention. Everybody probably knows the picture of Jessica Simpson wearing such an bikini. And take for example the picture of Sarah Palin wearing such a bikini, combined with a gun. The image was very popular, and spread over all of the world. This combined with a lot of other famous people made this bikini to what it nowadays is: a fashion statement.

Yes, it really is a fashion statement. If you wear such a bikini, you not only look great, but you give the impression that you stand for your country. Some people may call it nationalism, some people say it is dumb. I, however, think that a flag bikini is a great fashion product to have, included people living in other countries. There are flag bikini's in all kinds of patterns and sizes. Traditional American flag bikini's feature the stars of the American flag on the top of the bikini, and the stripes on the bottom. There are, however, a lot of variations available. Jessica Simpson wore a bikini which had stars and stripes on the top of the bikini.

These bikinis are also available for everyone. The price ranges from just 5$ to over 100$. Especially on special events, or maybe a summer party on the beach, these bikini´s are simply is a great item to have.

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