WWE John Morrison 2010

WWE John Morrison 2010
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WWE John Morrison 2010
WWE John Morrison
Two of my favorite workers in the world are both in the WWE right now. With one you’ve got the homegrown guy that has never worked outside of the WWE umbrella, and with the other you have the ultimate journeyman of the business that has built his craft around the world for years to find his place at the table. With one you’ve got a stunning array of moves that define athleticism, and with the other you have arguably the best ring technician on the planet. And yet, in both cases, there is something missing. One is a talent on the cusp of greatness, yet with no apparent direction. The other, a rookie in the eyes of the WWE audience, has yet to make for himself for them.
I speak, of course, about the Monday Night Delight, John Morrison, and The American Dragon Bryan Danielson. I speak, of course, about how the best course of action for the two right now, at this point in their careers, might just be a tag team.
John Morrison truly found himself on ECW both during his ECW Championship run, as well as during his extended run teaming with The Miz. When the draft separated them, he went to Smackdown and, while he didn’t have any career making programs, he did have several career making matches. Morrison showed that he definitely has what it takes to be a star in this business, but it would just take some good booking to make him more then an auxiliary guy in the upper midcard that can have great matches. That spot is meant for MVP and Matt Hardy. Morrison shows the promise of a young Shawn Michaels and this business will be his to rule in the next handful of years. He just needs the push.
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