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  • sujan_vatrapu
    11-03 07:27 AM
    if they want to get it done they wud have, we think repubs try to divide and win but dems are masters doing that, just dont believe dems atleast more than repubs

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  • gdhiren
    03-29 11:56 AM
    Anyone is VIRGINIA interested in meeting with legislators? I am in Fairfax County, VA. Apart from posting here please PM me as well so we can get in touch quickly for the meeting.

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  • newuser
    09-19 03:35 PM
    So those guys who attended the hearings or met with senators. what was the result? what did they accomplished? did they get the opportunity to participate with the senator or law maker in an action plan? or we just wasted that opportunity asking for autographs? please those guys post your comments. - I strongly object to the language used in your post. How can you say the IV members just went to get the autographs. If you were involved in any of the meetings with the lawmeekers, you would know the difference. Just don't come here for name sake and post whatever you want.

    Get educated yourself before posting these silly questions. Also open the thread in the appropriate forum.

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  • fcres
    07-19 02:44 PM
    Note sure what you're looking for. The memo I cited went into effect on June 16th. If that's not what you're looking for, you can try "press room" at USCIS's website where all memos are listed by date.

    I tried CIS press room, but couldn't find it. And i'm sure that about couple of weeks back i saw that memo (which states if initial evidences are not present, they might reject/deny a case without RFE). It was posted on this board and now its very hard to search with few words.


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  • Legal
    05-29 04:53 PM
    That's not true. They will still process backlogged applications filed prior

    when he says no green cards will be issued he means no I-140s will be
    approved which is true.

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  • boreal
    12-12 01:11 PM
    You wont be disappointed.

    This country doesn't care about legal immigrants, all they care is about illegals and big businesses..Does anyone know how to go to Canada ? Please tell me ..please please...Or any other country other than India..doesnt matter even if it is Iraq..please tell me, I am tired of waiting for visa bulletins and putting my life on hold..please...

    :-):-) Hehehehe folks..please continue from here, cant give more than this for now!!


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  • vivid_bharti
    04-24 02:42 PM
    People are thinking they give $100-$200 or $1000 to IV and their duty is done, they have no clue what we are up against...

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  • sunny1000
    07-13 11:38 PM
    Congrats and good wishes! Thank you for your support to IV. Appreciate it.


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  • vikbar
    05-31 11:19 AM

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  • anilnag
    11-29 04:02 AM
    Even though the effect of retrogression is expected to reduce from the current 8+ years, it is still going to hover around 5 years in 2012 (assuming a weak economy and minimal filings).
    This line isn't true anymore for EB3 India after correcting the typo in dates. I believe this can be deleted because even in 2012 the wait time is 8+ years. With huge CP numbers (~20K) for EB3I, the wait time will surely increase further which is not factored in the report.


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  • jjjun
    12-12 01:25 PM
    They just do not want to us have a good Christmas time.

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  • hebbar77
    05-18 07:06 PM
    It seems like you believe in all or nothing.
    With such an attitude we will end up with nothing.

    Did you vote against Masters quota for H1B??

    I ONLY believe in MERITT based system.

    I never voted against anything so far!!:D


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  • buddyinsd
    01-26 02:02 AM
    It looks like guys from AP are running away from all the mess their state is currently in. On one hand there's that YSR's son trying to create havoc for the ruling Govt. His dad and himself being the most corrupt politicians the state has ever seen. On the other hand, there's this filthy congress high command trying to counter him. Its like CORRUPT1 vs CORRUPT2 trying to get the throne so that they can remain CORRUPT. And in the wings are parties like TDP, TRS and PRP --- Really, is there a political party in AP (or even India) where one can call it corrupt free? ha ha

    I'm not a gulti, but I don't think u can really blame them :). Unfortunate but true :mad:

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  • ravi98
    11-04 01:52 PM
    He's a full blown liberal both fiscally and socially.

    I would think coming from MI, a state that has one of the highest unemployment, and the relief that the auto industry got - it continues to exist because of those liberal fiscal policies.

    Besides, his being liberal fiscally/socially has nothing to do with our issues. He is probably the best ally for our issue in the democratic circle...


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  • pkak
    11-21 11:15 AM
    If buying a house had been the smart option, I would have bought it already.
    Please see the attached XLS.
    BTW, independent analysts predict that housing prices will fall by 20% in real terms in next 10 years.

    All I am stating is that this issue can be a good talking point for the Immigration Lobby, especially as the housing market continues its slide down:)

    Since I could not upload the attachment, pasting the summary sheet.
    Note: I am still assuming that price of house will slightly appreciate for this calculation.
    ITEMS Amount

    House Information
    Buy Price of the house $300,000
    Property Tax (Yearly) 7000
    Additional utility and other costs 200

    Loan Information
    Down Payment 5%
    Mortgage cost (one time) 5500
    Rate 6.20%
    Fixed Term (In years) 30
    Monthly Mortgage Payment $1,745.54

    House Insurance Premiums
    Home Owners insurance (Monthly) 100
    PMI (Monthly) 185


    Tax rate 30%
    Standard Deduction $10,500
    Annual Property Appreciation/Depreciation rate 4.0%
    Value addition expected cost $0.00
    Value addition expected Benefit $0.00
    Number of months expected to stay 60
    House value at the end of stay period $366,299

    Sale of property transaction
    Selling Realtor Commission 6%
    Selling Cost $21,978
    Real estate transfer Cost $1,500
    Net gain/loss on the property $37,321

    Down Payment opportunity cost
    Cash rate 4.0%
    Amount lost $3,315

    Current Rental Info
    Current Rent $1,000.00
    Total rent over the period of stay $60,000.00

    Cash outflow net of principal and after tax benefits $104,189
    Standard Deduction Adjustment $15,750
    Results (Gain/Loss) $(25,933.34)

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  • tinku01
    02-12 10:53 AM
    I request everybody to add one line in the letter for Consular processing filers as they should be allowed to get AC21 and EAD facilities now. This law came earlier only for 485 filers because CP process was fast but now due to retrogession all CP filers are waiting for Years and in the worst sitauation as 485 filers are enjoying their freedom with AC21 and EAD

    Immmigration Voice I'll appreciate if you could add this agenda in you campaign letter.



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  • cagedcactus
    09-15 07:07 AM
    You see, not all the folks that receive gc are able to utilize the benefits.
    I have ton of friends who received their GC two years ago, and now they keep telling everyone that it is no different than being on H1.
    All I tell them is I will trade my H1 with their GC, and all they do is Shut up.
    Yah, sure, if USA allowed us and our better halves to work unlimited without any doubts of going back abruptly one day, then I would rather stay on H1.
    But as we all know, that is not the case.
    I have finances and places set up to start business. The only thing holding me back is this damn backlog. My wife has a masters in communications and held a better job than me in India. What is she doing now? Watching my newborn kid play, and offer volunteer services to local hospital.
    I am damn sure GC could solve that.
    If some people are not able to take benefits of GC, doesnt mean that they should assume the same thing with others.
    Things are different with everyone.

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  • snvlgopal
    01-25 06:00 PM
    Sent to both President & IV and made 2 others to mail the letters

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  • transpass
    08-07 07:30 PM
    If I were you, I would discuss this before the wedding. Its too important an issue not to disclose, in my opinion.

    I second grupak...

    Its very very important to discuss this with your future wife. If your marriage starts with telling a lie, IMO, its not a good sign. Whether its good or bad, just talk to her and discuss the best available option. If she is really understanding and supportive of the decision you both make, then you have already started your marriage life with flying colors...:)

    And BTW, if you are considering reentry permit (to be out of US for more than allowed time on PR) NEVER APPLY REENTRY PERMIT WHILE YOU ARE OUTSIDE THE U.S. IT'S GONNA BE DENIED AND THE APPEAL WILL ALSO BE DENIED...And you will be stuck outside U.S. with a PR...

    07-06 10:04 PM
    I never thought that working for a contractor was something bad!! In fact, I was thinking that contracting is better than working full time! Am I missing something here???

    I mean think about it... you get to work on different projects and you get to learn new stuff, new environments, new people!

    Stay as a full timer and you don't grow (well not like a contractor anyways!). All in all, I think it takes more effort to be a contractor!

    I guess it is a career choice! I personally would rather be a contractor!

    05-17 06:26 AM
    What is the white man's (Europeans and others) visa to America then? I don't see any other ways people can come here on the same conditions as the H-1B visa.
    Lol, it happens to be no visa!Most Europeans don't need a visa to get in this country and if they want to, they just stay back.....since they are are the same color as the majority they do not caste doubts or suspicions as much as the 'brown man' does....I don't think the majority of European immigrants to America came with any papers whatsoever......and lets not forget that before '65 race-based immigration was the policy.

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