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  • qualified_trash
    12-13 06:01 PM

    if you have seen my other posts on this subject, you would not have said what you did. I am an IT consultant, and, have in the past received multiple offers for labor sub, but, not taken it as I am comfortable with what I am doing.

    I have also personally known people who used labor sub in companies that are listed on the NASDAQ and are involved in Software development (not one of the mom and pop consulting companies)

    All I was doing by playing the devil's advocate is trying to deflect the heat of the person who started this thread. I will repeat myself once again. I understand that as a practice it borders on being unfair. However, if it is being used by someone legally, to better their own life, we should not come out and attack them.

    Now to answer your question - "Would you do it? If yes why and if no why not". Would I do it? Yes I would if I got an offer from a great company with a well defined career path, good salary and stock and benefits etc.

    Would I do it to go from one consulting company to other by paying someone money for it? NEVER. I hope this answers your question.

    you support labor substitution as long as both the employer and employee can hush up the money involved and leave no proof.

    it does us no good judging people who we do not know which is what you did with your above statement. I hope better sense will prevail in the future.

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  • vghc
    07-25 01:45 PM
    Have time to post something here? Heheee.... I am posting these message while my project is compiling and building.

    How bout that!! Me too!!!! :D

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  • WeShallOvercome
    07-27 01:26 PM
    if they've less calls, they can do some other real work.

    in any case..they took 1-3 months in case of reciepting 65K H1s. How soon do you think they can receipt 10 times that number..

    That was before their newly found 'effeciency'...

    more recently, they took 2 days (not even working days) to APPROVE 25000 AOS applications, how hard do you think it is for them to issue receipts ? :)

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  • eb3retro
    08-05 12:26 PM
    its a really good discussion, thanks to all people who have provided valuable information. I am a Consultant throughout my career and never lead a team but now planning to change gears and move into project management. When I goolged about the requirement to take the exam, Lot of PMP training institutes came up and they are charging about $2000 for training and they say its a 5 day course, guarantee to pass bhla bhla .... My first question is it required to take these training classes? if not how to become eligible for to take the exam, Please advice.

    gcmaine. here is my answer to your question. I completed my PMP in 2008. Same like other folks here, thanks to USCIS, I have never been able to use it, since I am in eb3 and cant change job family. anyways here is my thought, in my opinion, this is just my opinion , keep in mind, those trainings are not at all necessary, if you have little bit of perseverance and time. Reason I am saying this is, with 2 kids, I was able to do this PMP certification myself, without any training. I took my own sweet time, spent 6 months studying in a library (2 hours every day on weekdays) and couple of hours in the weekends. I could pass this in one shot. And if I can do it, anyone can do it. All you need is perseverance and I am sure you will get through. PM me if you have any questions on how to prepare for the exam.


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  • irock
    08-22 02:05 PM
    No surprises for me at least. There will be only 816 new EB3 visas available for any country in October. This will move the dates at the most by a month or two and this will continue for ever until a new legislation is passed, that is why DC rally is all the more important and everyone should focus on that to bring in a change.

    For folks wondering how I came to the 816 visa number

    Total GC available = 140000
    7% country limit = 9800
    split for EB3 = 3266
    spread for each qtr = 816

    Good Luck to all and don't have high expectations because you will be disappointed when the bulletin comes out.

    spread it for each month = 272.
    number of families per month (assuming 2.5 persons per family): 109 :(

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  • gsc999
    11-21 01:15 PM
    A lot has been said already, here are some facts to add some seriousness to this topic, regarding US data that shows how high immigration cities experienced higher wage and housing price growth.

    Source: voxeu


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  • absaarkhan
    02-13 11:33 AM
    My Attorney Says You will get 3 Year H1B Extension

    Per My Attorney if We do a H1B Transfer after I-140 Approval YOU
    will get 3 Year H1B Extension. EVEN THOUGH YOU HAVE ALREADY USED 6 YEARS OF H1B.

    I am currently on 7th Year H1B, I-140 Approved, I-485 filed more then 6 months ago. He confirmed that if i do a H1B Transfer to another employer and attach copies of all AOS receipts and "I-140 APPROVAL" i will get 3 year
    H1B Extension.

    Shana Can you Please confirm with your Attorney again.

    All I have used is the same job title and salary specified in the new offer letter. did not specify the job duties.

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  • lonedesi
    04-02 09:09 PM
    Can any of the moderators let us know how are we doing on the count? Where do we stand as of now? How many faxes have been sent and how many are in the queue to be faxed? A quick update would be appreciated.


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  • missourian
    05-29 05:31 PM

    Thanks for the update , Yes just now I tried and I got following error from webfax, will try again and count me in I will be sending the fax.

    Immigration Voice Web Fax
    Message was not sent
    Mailer Error: Language string failed to load:

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  • webm
    06-05 11:17 AM
    What is the effectivity date of this memo?
    May 30th or June 1st?

    See this..from

    However, the release of this new supplemental AC-21 probably implies that the rule-making agenda may be pushed off and may not be enacted this year. Please stay tuned.


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  • tonyHK12
    11-14 11:58 AM
    This is their projection for coming months:

    Employment-based: At this time it is unlikely that there will be any cut-off dates in the Employment First preference during the coming months. It also appears unlikely that it will be necessary to establish a cut-off date other than those already in effect for the Second preference category. Cut-off dates continue to apply to the China and India Second preference categories due to heavy demand.
    Based on current indications of demand, the best case scenarios for cut-off date movement each month during the coming months are as follows:

    Employment Second:

    China: none to two weeks

    India: no movement

    Employment Third:

    Worldwide: three to six weeks

    China: one to three weeks

    India: none to two weeks

    Mexico: although continued forward movement is expected, no specific projections are possible at this time.

    Philippines: three to six weeks

    Deja Vu!!!

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  • pooja_34
    12-20 01:01 PM
    Good to hear that NY consulate is responsive. Houston and SF never answer the phone !!!

    I am very happy with the customer services of New York Indian Consulate. All our passport renewals (4 during last 3 years) happened in a timely fashion and that too thru post without any personal visit. Whenever I e-mailed them with a question, I received answers promptly. I called them to know about status and received precise replies.


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  • Radhika
    07-02 04:00 PM
    Medical $350
    copies $50
    photos $36
    Attorney Fee $1000
    Parents paid for BC and Affidsvits $60
    postal charges $45

    Cancled home country visit

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  • Soul
    02-07 08:58 AM
    *shrug* Don't ask me

    How fast did I get 6?

    You're still winning :P

    - Soul :goatee:


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  • glus
    06-01 09:53 AM
    Voted YES.

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  • shana04
    02-13 02:08 PM
    I understand so Many of us are looking at the Options of Using AC21.
    I am currently looking for a Good Attorney for this.
    I have contacted Sheela Murthy's Office and Rajiv Khanna's Office.
    Both of them are very very expensive.

    I am looking for an Attorney who charges under $1000 and also knows
    about the Immigration Matters.

    I would appreciate any pointers and suggestions in this regards.

    Ellen Krengel - Good and reasonable (google for telephone)

    Christine Troy, Attorney at Law - tel 415-399-9490 - Good and reasonable

    Helen Konrad - Tel 804-775-3818 - good and reasonable

    Kapoor & Associates - Phone: (404) 685-9940 - found reasonable, talk to them and finalize

    K K Rastogi ESQ - Ph: 212-279-4403 - talk to him, I did not talk to him.

    Andrew Dutton - 917-536-5940 - I did not get a chance to talk to him, but heard he is reasonable

    Good luck


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  • yestogc
    06-05 02:38 PM
    As soon as you use EAD, you loose H1B status---------- so answer is NO

    Howerver as an EAD you can do same

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  • aray
    04-01 04:30 PM
    Sent Fax# 10.

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  • ps57002
    10-11 05:25 PM
    Wish I could say something to help those who missed feel better. I was fortunate. My PERM (atlanta center which is another slow goer but nowhere like BECs) got approved on Aug 14. I filed aug 17 but don't think I submitted all needed docs due to unavailabilty of some. I saw some people at Atlanta center wait for much longer than PERM should take and they gave up. My heart goes out to everyone. We do need to become involved with it those who are ahead in the game, be those stuck in Atlanta PERM, be those stuck in BEC and/or coming out of it now. Each and every person must join so as to fix this broken immigration system. People are stuck in differnet stages and it's not fair, so do get involved and help IV in helping you.

    12-22 02:59 PM
    Still have not updated priority date --- You dont take directions well --- I guess its difficult when you are a moron :)

    Post your address - lots of people will come to your home and will do it for free...

    12-29 03:13 PM
    Any recent updates on that case? Do we know what happened after that person filed the MTR the 2nd time?

    Member Texas IV

    As I explained here

    AC-21 is just an illusion of freedom - even if 180 days have passed, even if I-140 is approved.


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