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  • Hope_GC
    05-30 06:23 PM
    Voted Aye. 260 Ayes... Good going

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  • coolmanasip
    05-29 05:23 PM
    It is unbelievable how much emphasis is being given to the family based immigration when this bill strives to eliminate their backlog!!! ......and amazingly enough there are very few voices (IV being one) that are really crying about the injustice to the employment based GC and H1 programs..........we have to work on getting through to mainstream media guys......its unbelievable that we are not even on the board as far as close door immigration deal negotiations are concerned.........

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  • qtoask
    06-20 12:05 PM
    please update here

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  • webm
    10-24 03:27 PM
    Thanks for the pointers.

    In my case I don't even know if it is namecheck that is blocking my case. So far my guess is that it was just the huge deluge of July 2 applications under which my application got stuck. But now that they have opened my application and mailed an RFE on Oct 22, at least I know that some IO is processing my case. Right now I am eagerly waiting for the RFE details. My law firm(FDBL) has not received it yet. I am pinging them every other day.

    To answer another question from another poster, yes, I have been with the same company since 2001.

    Sorry! to hear about RFE..I hope your RFE is simple to answer...

    Let us know more details if you get it.



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  • tinku01
    02-12 11:22 AM
    Initially these facilities not provided to CP filers because it used be fast in comparison of 485 filers but now due to this retrogression CP filers are also waiting in queue with 485 filers and not even getting any reliefe I would say they are in very bad situation compare to 485 filers.

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  • prashant1_sharma
    12-01 12:01 AM
    Send you a PM also.

    Can you please send it to me also


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  • harikris
    05-29 08:54 PM
    one from my side and one from my spouse side too.

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  • araj_98
    04-03 08:47 AM
    Sent faxes!


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  • go_guy123
    11-03 10:49 AM

    In a matter of minutes my indicator has gone to 3 reds. Am I missing something... ?!!!

    Dont worry too much about the reds. Even I used to have a couple of greens.
    But when I saw many people complaining about why IV is not pursuing piecemeal,
    I explained them about the Hispanic caucus and CIR.....I started getting reds
    because of that.

    People often give red even for rational and logical postings here if the information is uncomfortable.

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  • tonyHK12
    04-29 12:37 PM
    "India's decision to exclude two American companies, Boeing and Lockheed Martin, from its estimated USD 11 billion 126 fighter jet deal is strategically short-sighted and would be a setback to Indo-US ties, well-known American experts on South Asian affairs have said. "

    4) ... This sentiment will certainly percolate to the USCIS and the State department and might embolden Anti Immigration senators whose measures will get more support in the house and senate.

    How much more worse could it really get, from a 20 year wait to a 40 year wait?


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  • lost_in_the_gcprocess
    08-07 09:56 PM
    Give up your green card and go back to India. You got your green card and still crying.

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  • flipflop
    11-18 12:41 PM
    it is not wishful thinking ..dumbo is a good idea but it doesnt / wont have much support as community is divided and happy with its ead.
    money makes the mare go in this world ..say if the immigration community was united and if we were to lobby with the builders and car dealers who make contribution to the politicians then lot of bills would have passed behind the scenes ..earliar h1-b was for 6 years only did the extension come ..behind the scenes the business lobby worked secretly.

    Yeah right!! buying houses is all hunky-dory when you have all cushy jobs and economy is booming. When economy slows down there will be some people who may lose their jobs with 3000$ mortgages sitting on their head!! And that builder /bank who lobbied for you GC will come knocking on your door asking for payment.
    And believe there are defaulters among these highly qualified legal immigrants too!

    So again, how did you solve the housing slump problem in the first place???


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  • hiralal
    04-19 09:30 PM
    Hey Bozo - I've been following IV for about 2 years now using my spouse's ID - I just created one for myself today - My wife and I have contributed to IV also. Know the facts before shooting your mouth off - NUT JOB!!!
    good effort and a superb reply

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  • pappu
    05-31 11:41 AM
    I'm not sure how voting on this site is going to improve the chances of this bill. It is simply an application site 2 companies have created. It does not do us any good by voting on such site. It is like voting on petitiononline site annonymously. Pls help me understand the benefits if I am incorrect in understanding this site.

    As mentioned earlier, If people really want to do something, Join your state chapter ASAP. We are planning a massive campiagn in the near future. The decision to pursue it will depend on the strength and execution by chapter members.


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  • MahaBharatGC
    10-08 05:12 PM
    EAD Renewal Filing Date: Sept 12, 2008
    current EAD expired on Sept 30, 2008
    Current Status: Pending:mad:

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  • bidhanc
    12-22 03:29 PM
    Sorry partner, I was just sharing info.
    Did not mean to imply you were wrong in any way. :-)

    I merely posted what was on their website. Don't shoot the messenger....


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  • sprajulu
    08-06 07:14 PM

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  • smohan
    08-21 10:35 PM
    Thanks for your detailed postings.

    One question to Kumar and other knowledgeable readers here.

    My child is now over 21 years of age, however is OK with our present EB-3 filing. We all are on EAD. Now if I go for EB-2 route, my doubt is that my child who is already 21 plus years, will not be eligible to be beneficiary in this new EB-2 route...or is there any way?
    Thanks for your attention guys.

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  • gcformeornot
    02-10 06:28 PM
    mails at around 5.45PM today. I don't think it means much. Just soft LUD, I think.

    11-30 04:41 PM
    Mr. Brown,

    That is why I have said "most" and not all. You are right I do not have any proof or data (but I am sure IV does) , try scanning any of the threads and you will see what I stated is very obvious.

    If this post instigated you then you are not as thick skinned as some of your EB2 peers and hopefully will join the bandwagon of Donors soon.

    My bitterness is the same for EB3's who do not do much other than posting on threads but I think (no proof again) there are more EB3 donors in the Donor threads than EB2's.

    Agreed that I haven't contributed (yet) but that's a mighty big acquisition from your end on calling all of us EB2's free riders without any considerable data to prove it.

    I think it's within our best interests to remain united until things are straightened up but I sure can understand your bitterness and hope the best for you too.


    07-07 06:27 PM
    Do anyone think we should call/email NBC and refelect our opinion on this segment?
    it was brief but to the point.

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