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  • bobyal
    05-12 10:46 AM
    We as a community have not even done 5 % of the hard work that DREAM act advocates have done. So such provisions are well deserved by them for the hard work they have done. If we had done enough work for our provisions, there is no doubt our provisions would have seen the day. You need to do some search on all the DREAM act advocates have done in the last few years to reach where they are now. And then compare it our community effort and you will get the answers.

    We recently had an advocacy day. How many of you contributed to it. We failed to even reach a modest budget goal for such a big event. So there is no point blaming undocumented. We need to first blame ourselves for doing nothing.

    I am not blaming any one. We as leagal immigrants spent money in taxes and uscis fees. They spent the money for the campaign and lobbying.

    I do feel we spent more than their campaign in taxes and fees.

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  • PD_Dec2002
    06-19 03:04 PM
    You would need employee letter as well. The employee letter will state that the position is still open and they are willing the pay the amount that was initially agreed to while filing for labor.....so pay stub is not enough.....

    desi3933 and WillIBLucky:

    My lawyer as well as my wife's lawyer confirmed that an employment letter is not required if using pay stubs. Several posters on this forum have gotten the same information from their lawyers. Anyway, let's not get into a debate on who's correct or incorrect.

    It's a different thing to have the employment letter to make the case stronger (probably), but you will definitely not get a RFE for using the pay stubs. And in "sats123"'s case, this is a less expensive and reliable option.

    Of course, one could argue it's worth paying $5000 if it ensures a smooth adjucation, but then that would depend on the financial situation of the applicant. I cannot comment on that for "sats123".

    Having written all this, please check with your own lawyers and do what they advise.


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  • hydboy77
    05-30 11:28 AM
    Latest count is 178. Keep it going.

    Guys I beg all of you to who have not voted to please vote. It might seem irrelevant or not useful to vote but even small things like these add up. We have threads like spelling bee going into multiple pages but not threads relevant and useful to us. Please vote not just for this but also have an open mind and participate in all activites. There is a thread where you can send a letter to whitehouse explaining our misery and asking for removal of country quota and visa recaprure, how many of you have sent the letter. Please do that .

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  • Kitiara
    02-05 06:18 AM
    Just 27 more votes... Just 27 more votes...

    I might stage a late comeback, you never know... :evil:


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  • coolstonesa
    02-28 09:37 PM

    I will try to be there. Thanks for arranging.

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  • Guig0
    02-03 10:42 AM
    You voted for me?? :beam:

    you�re the best! :P

    did i mentioned you have the best footer? ;)

    thanks man, you made one kirupian happy =)


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  • paulavijit
    06-01 02:27 PM
    Votes YES.

    YES count is only 961 though now.

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  • gc_check
    10-27 09:04 AM
    Well, what is the point in saying it now, he should have said it in the 90s and early 2000 when industry was booming and people found a career path in coming to the US.
    Right now, so much work is outsourced and it is continuing. Very difficult to get a IT job in US on h1b and IT consulting on h1b also facing so many hurdles. For any new immigrant on a software job who wants to get a h1b visa and green card - it is not an easy task.

    From from the article. "On wooing back Indian talent, Murthy said there was no need to increase their salaries by 50 times to ensure this. But their lives could be made easier by providing schools, making sure that power condition and commuting is reasonably all right " Looks like he wants to still have the "less expensive" advantage over non-Indian companies / competition and he just wants more and easy H1B's and does not like the path to permanent residency and eventually citizenship and integrating with the American society - which is what American immigration is for. Just need the $$$. Though there are many good to learn from this company and this man, I do disagree with his views when it comes to immigration to USA.


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  • maximus777
    11-25 03:12 PM
    Thanks much!

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  • eb3_nepa
    11-30 04:00 PM
    Discover does not issue a credit card if you are not a PR or citizen..even though you have good credit history..

    That is not true at all. Discover was the FIRST to isssue me a Credit card as a student and to this date no problems.


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  • Hydro
    03-17 01:35 AM
    Helo all,

    My mom had filed for an F2B category immigrant visa for me. Consequently, I attended an interview at the US consulate in Chennai, India and was given 221 (g) blue slip and asked to wait. When I contacted the embassy after 3 months I was asked to wait as my case is under administrative processing due to name check.

    Any idea how long more I shud be waiting, andyone in the same boat


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  • diptam
    08-10 10:34 AM
    You dont need to knock anyones door - I'll proactively go to anyone who used a "Labor Subs" and call them a Cheat because they have cheated someone else's Property and Dream.

    Its gone but i'm personally a victim of that - My 1st Labor was traded in the Market for certain US dollars... The legislation was not there - otherwise i did have sufficient Proof and resources to take care of that cheat company.

    How could you talk in support of a evil legacy system ? :mad:

    No one knocked your door and and asked your personal opinion ....and no one cares for what you care ...

    Its all these desi companies who misused LC ...... Thereare otherbig companie who just follow rules and do according to it. Being a senior member here, this is not expected of you .....


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  • swadeshi
    08-31 07:52 PM
    We have been calling and talking to ppl all over new england area.
    But we have hardly been able to get a convincing number of ppl to attend the rally.
    Have you watched the bus thread for New England Area. 26 votes, can you believe that.

    We definitely need to get more innovative. I dont know what ppl want, so they can be motivated.

    Sometimes i think being educated is a curse, as ppl become more scared and are fine adapting to the system.

    Look at the ILLEGALS at least they came out openly. They dared to come forward and i am sure they will be rewarded sooner.

    LEGAL ppl who have nothing to fear are then also they are more scared to do anything. So this is the right time for me to express my opinion LEGALS ARE FOOLS.

    Please dont be mad at me, i am just frustuated with ppl responses, but one thing for sure, i will keep on motivating ppl in whichever way i can do.

    I have an idea how abt asking the hispanic community to be a part of this rally, they would definitively oblige more easily than our own i guess"" just kidding:)

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  • senthil1
    03-11 05:18 PM
    INfy and Wipro can use L1 or B1. No need for new visa.

    MSFT do not abuse h1b visa - they maintain their pay scales and follow all rules. When they say they want h1b visa quota available it basically means - they do not want to turn away a talented candidate because of lack of visa. All these companies are genuine in their usage. So they can definitely give a proper response.

    Now for a company like INFY. WIPRO, etc.. - h1b, l1b etc.. is a part of their business modal. They need some visa to bring people in and out as it is a big part of their business. If they really were serious - they must have presented their case and also work with US govt for a different kind of visa that allows them to do their business by convincing the govts about trade etc...

    Now comes the consulting companies. There are companies that genuinely bring people and rotate them at various clients for projects and people stick to them till green card. But due to sheer greed - some of these have abused the system - they have absolutely no sympathy for their acts of greed. The max they can do is threaten, usse small time lawyers, cancel pay, write letters to USCIS to cancel 140 etc... do you expect them to give a proper response to the Senators?


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  • rajuram
    01-03 10:39 PM
    I am not sure how would MBA help if some one is working in IT.

    why not invest in a full-fledged mba instead? It will help you a great deal in your career aspirations.

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  • ras
    07-19 09:37 PM
    I would urge you to change the title as most of your problems are due to your own decisions and not due to agency.

    This may not be true. This is the problem being faced by many singles. Ofcourse those singles are postponing their plans just because of USCIS policies which in the case of singles is ridiculous. There is no meaning to make a person wait for 5-10 years to get one's spouse just because he applied for a Green Card. I see various kinds of visas for the spouses in other categories like H1 has H4
    L1 has L2/L4 ( I dont know what that is)
    and so on so forth..

    but for a spouse of AOS? nothing.

    All the crap of going on H1 are ridiculous. At the first place one has to get a sponsor for H1 and then there are all those issues out of being H1 with the employer and USCIS. There is no benefit of being on AOS. They cannot use EAD. They cannot start companies freely, etc because they are supposed to be on H1 or L1 etc.


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  • gc4arun
    08-06 06:23 PM
    From my infopass appt. this morning, I learned that my NC is clear, and I should wait until Aug 26th for a status update.

    Keeping my fingers crossed!

    My appointment lasted about 5-10 minutes.

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  • rvr_jcop
    02-18 10:12 PM
    Aachoo, downthedrain, jazzbytheway, sushilup, rvr_jcop -

    question 1) did both you and your spouse's I485 cases receive the "pending at the location it was transfered to"?
    question 2) did both you and your spouses I485 cases receive RFE?
    question 3) did both you and your spouses case have an LUD after RFE?

    have you guys received the RFE notices and if yes, what is USCIS asking


    No RFE in our case. Just a soft LUD on 02/10 on both of our 485's. I had LUD on my AP thats yet to be approved, though my wife has not applied for any AP> Wondering if they just cross checking 485s for AP approval. And no, mine is not transfered case. Its always been at NSC.

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  • learning01
    04-02 08:20 AM
    Sent both faxes.

    07-31 05:30 PM
    Thanks, Sanbaj! Your response does help.
    You are welcome !!

    02-12 08:15 AM
    When you were working for your previous employer, he might have given you a paycheck. You can contact the paycheck company and get your W-2.

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