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  • JunRN
    08-22 08:57 PM
    Factors you forgot to consider:

    1. EB1 and EB2 applicants this July and Aug. ate up the numbers that were made available to EB3 last June 2007.

    2. EB3 Visa number is just very few, around 800 per month per PICM country.

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  • kart2007
    05-17 12:52 PM
    First of all make a complaint about the employer to the INS that he is not paying... and make decision, US is not your entire life. If you have confidence you can do anything anywhere in this small world.

    So I assume you told this to your neighbor who lives downstairs :D

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  • 485Mbe4001
    12-12 04:08 PM as explained by our friends across the aisle...

    IMO, EB3 will still be slow and get slower, unless there is a significant change...

    What's the significance of April 30 barrier.

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  • dish
    01-10 10:27 PM
    We can demand a purple card for any techworker who had worked and paid taxes and contributed to Social Security and medicare for three continuous years. This card should allow free travel and work permit for spouse. Counterpart of blue card for illegals......Once the priority date becomes current and adjustment of status is complete, purple card is replaced by green card !!!!!!!!


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  • Gravitation
    12-13 10:12 AM
    I hope it doesn't retrogress in future.

    I still don't understand why is EB-2 not moving forward especially that EB-1 is current.

    Too many people converted to perm-EB2 when EB3 retrogression hit. Also, excess EB2 RoW are not flowing to EB2-India but to EB3 instead.

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  • GCNirvana007
    03-26 03:43 PM

    Went for DL renewal , nothing asked literally, extended for 6 yrs.

    Got to find some positive out of living :p


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  • venkygct
    08-29 11:05 AM

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  • pappu
    07-20 05:12 PM
    Too many issues at that time. Old h1 was anyway expiring soon. Desi bodyshoper employer was going nuts sqeezing me dry. He was demanding money for everything from H1 extension to giving out compnay letters for GC related issues and thousands of such reasons. But as I already said.. it's's done...

    Your employer should pay for H1 and H1 extension. If he is exploiting you, and you accept being exploited, then you should also share the blame for accepting this.

    This forum has past posts where people have shared information on how to complain against such employers. One of the goals of IV is to generate awareness in employees so that employees can use their voice against injustice.

    Accepting such 'exploitation' should not be tolerated and you must take action against such an employer. It is such employers that give a bad name to the entire H1B visa program and the whole community is blamed and made to suffer. Our bills face an uphill task because of this. Employees must complain so that they can help fix the H1B and green card system.

    I hope you use your voice and take action against such employer. IV is against such exploitation and it must be reported to DOL and USCIS. If you have to go to court for it, you should consider it.


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  • illusions
    02-21 05:44 PM
    So now they want to revise that Q&A! ;)


    "February 21, 2008
    USCIS HQ has informed AILA Liaison that the February 19, 2008
    Questions and Answers on its FBI name check policy have been
    withdrawn from the USCIS website for revision. An update of the Q
    & As is expected within a few days."

    Can't wait to see what dodgy language they cut out and what even more dodgy language they introduce.

    that's more like the USCIS.:rolleyes:

    Any predictions on if they might move the PD's to something more reasonable for everyone by mid march ?

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  • smc
    09-01 09:43 PM
    My understanding is that you need to be 65 in order to be eligible for SS benefits.

    Zephyr, how old are you and why are you here?

    Moderators, please check this persons other posts. They will tell you plenty about his/ her agenda.


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  • GSingh
    04-02 09:09 PM
    Send Both

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  • sai66
    01-25 08:43 PM
    Hi All,

    I got my I-140 Approved in 2007 and I-485 applied in July Fiasco.(summary : 7 Hears H1 Completed, Substitution Labor, I-140 Approved and I-485 Applied > 180 Days).

    Now I am getting a Full Time position in my client company. My Employer is saying I should not go otherwise he will revoke my I-140 and I don't know really what else can he do with my I-485 application. I really want to take that Full Time offer and apply for AC-21. But can anyone tell me that If after applying AC-21 and joining as full time in my client company(American Company) if my employer revokes I-140 or cancels I-485 what will be the effects on my GC application(I will be on EAD while joining this company).

    I read somewhere that at that time I need to apply for MTR(Motion To Reopen) and I should not work until this MTR gets approved which might typically take 60 to 90 days. Is it true? Because if this is the case then I will lose my Full Time Job right because no company will not be willing to give 2-3 months off. Will my EAD and AP gets invalid at that point.

    Even if my case gets denied after employer revokes I-140/I-485 then can I file for MTR and still work at the same time with out taking leave. Will the MTR be approved? I am looking at all possible solutions. If I cannot work during filing of my MTR then it doesn't make sense to take that full time offer and then my employer revokes I-140/I-485 and I will loose my status.

    Since lot of folks who took Full Time offer are getting I-485 Denial notices instead of NOID so that was concerning me.

    Please explain me in detail.


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  • gsc999
    11-21 01:15 PM
    A lot has been said already, here are some facts to add some seriousness to this topic, regarding US data that shows how high immigration cities experienced higher wage and housing price growth.

    Source: voxeu

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  • kshitijnt
    06-13 02:28 AM
    Is there going to be a full committee vote on 23rd June.


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  • BharatPremi
    03-24 12:42 PM
    Be specific and say that your PD is current, I was wondering when EB2 India become current.

    Yes, You are right. I should have written "Since EB2-India current PD period is December 2003"

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  • masaternyc
    01-06 12:36 AM
    What about ladies with 5 husbands (pandus), do we need to start visa called H5? F5? D5?

    I heard from a friend of my friend knows that indian ladies have 5 husbands at the same time, what about them?


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  • Sakthisagar
    10-27 08:46 AM
    Mr. Sakthisagar, You are correct. we need people like you. you are so concerned about INDIA. please let me know How can I help.

    BTW only Narendra Modi can solve this issue too.


    We also need people like You MC, to solve issues. are you not concerned about India? Please also let me know, How are you going to organise things as a great leader.

    Mr.MC, no you are wrong.! at present only Jonia ganty and raul can solve this problem because they snatched the power by fooling India with EVM.

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  • gcgamble
    12-13 10:14 PM
    I always wonder and think what we do more that cannot be done offshore in India. As a business owner you are always concerned about bottomline. I work for IBM and I am on short assignments at different client locations, during early 2000s some offices used to have exclusive american staff (or should say white) then it was Indians on H1 Bs and now there are more Indians in offices than americans and if I check who they are, 90% of the time they are on site from a outsourcing companies. So I see that as a trend. As a CIO you got to wonder if I employ 90 out 100 of my staff who are high skilled Indians here why cant I just go to India and get them for cheap and tell my fellow CIO buddies how I saved money and how they should also do it. So it is a combination of cost benefits and chain reaction.

    Even I feel what I can I do which my fellow Indian in India cant do, since considering we went to same school etc. It is not like we are inventing rockets here we are all intelligent people to some degree and hard work is part of our blood so if I can do it I bet my neighbor can also do it.I think it not far when everything repeatable will be moved to India same as why you do not find very many americans laying a optic wire cable or digging a road, but almost 100% of the time the optic fibre company boss is American and usually white.

    I understand CIO line of thinking ...he may see all indians around and think of offshoring ..but he dont realize the desi consultants are here through a preferred vendor who might be american who is getting business through this placement and he might be employing one american and so the chain goes on ....But when he says to CIOs and every one start doing the same ..then after some time the Job growth decreases, so is consumer spending ...And as a result ,this CIO may be layed off ,as a part of cost cutting measures and Outsource his job too ...:D

    At the same time i dont know enough to take any side between free trade and protectionism....

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  • ashkam
    03-27 10:28 AM
    1. Were n't you concerned with the security of this country. Have one more Id in your wallet. How does it matter? You are ready to do whatever this country asks you just because you are a non-immigrant.

    2. Again I don't get your reasoning. How does immigration status verification ensure the security of this country ? Come up with some logical points.

    Do you know that there are citizens from terror breeding countries roaming around in this country as citizens ( because they are not subject to country quota), whereas people from democratic countries like India being subject to all kinds of discrimination just because we are non-immigrants ( indirectly because we are subject to country cap) ?

    It took a Martin Luther King to liberate blacks from slavery.
    It took Mahatma Gandhi to get Independence for millions of Indians.

    I am not assuming all individuals will have the same level of dignity and self respect. If you lack enough self respect, you will probably say US can ask us to wear a chain around our neck just because we are non-immigrants.

    This reminds me of Adoor Gopalakrishnan's movie Vidheyan.

    Thommy, a Christian migrant labour from Kerala is an obedient slave of his aggressive, tyrannical landlord Bhaskara Pattelar. Thommy obeys all the orders of his master, whether it is to make his own wife sexually available to his master or in killing Pattelar's kindly wife, Saroja. When Pattelar escapes to a jungle, due to his own deeds, Thommy escorts him like a pet. But when Pattelar gets killed Thommy exults in freedom.

    Wow, are you seriously that ignorant about how immigrant status verification is related to homeland security? That's like saying a door lock has nothing to do with the security of your home. Your persecution hysteria is seriously bordering on lunacy now. Especially since you are comparing this stupid thing to slavery and colonial rule. Seriously, get over it. Also, by the way, for the record, I will not wear a chain around my neck if I am asked to. But I AM prepared to show the DMV an EVL because honestly, it's not a very big deal for me.

    04-13 06:03 PM
    I am new to this community and have been watching some other forums online, but I am glad we have one dedicated for EB immigration. Way to go Immigration Voice!!!

    Now, before anyone jumps at me, I promise to contribute for IV's efforts and donate for the various projects in a couple days.

    The reason I am posting this is because I saw various threads with various ideas to gain visibility and make out cause known to all. I saw thready ranging from writing to senators to sending a 1 cent check everyday to sending a voided check for a big amount. Other notable ideas include sending flowers, calling senators, FOIA campaign, writing to the Obama administration, etc. While I agree that each of these actions contribute small drops to the ocean, I honestly think we should think BIG!!

    I have analyzed EB Immigration considerably and here are my thoughts -

    Anti-Immigrants, especially the ones against EB Immigration feel that we take away their jobs. However our defense against that is there's aren't that many skilled immigrants for certain skill set and hence we fill that void and keep corporate America competitive. However a lot of us argue that we who are waiting in line for our potential Green Cards pay our taxes and aide by the law, etc. All valid arguments. However, that doesn't make us any different than the majority of the 90% workforce that is employed. They all pay taxes too.

    I have seen other ideas being floated around where they said "Buy a house, get a green card." Now, two issues with this - How many of us potential immigrants have 250 grand to invest in a house? I don't and can perhaps pay 5-10% down payment on a house. But if I lose my job, then I will be forced to default too and that doesn't help the economy. Also, there are more than 10 million homes in foreclosure and even hypothetically, let's say we will buy a house on a mortgage at 10% down. There are, say 1 million immigrants in waiting including dependents. And we buy 500,000 homes. That is a small dent in the entire real estate economy. Won't make a significant difference. Secondly, the current mess we are in was caused by the "sub prime" mortgage loans. If you know what "sub prime" means, then you probably know the areas where these houses were purchased. Have you seen the neighborhoods or the areas where these houses are foreclosed? A majority of us won't even drive through there, leave alone buying houses there. So obviously, us buying homes is not going to solve this economic mess. If you still insist, then you perhaps need to take a class on economics 101.

    OK, say why am I saying all this? Well, for one, while its great that we put our brains to work to help solve the economic crisis, since a good economy has a knock on effect on immigration, but we can't come up with ordinary ideas. These are extraordinary times and we need extraordinary ideas. We need to think out of the box. I appreciate the efforts of IV with the FOIA drive, but here's my question with that - Besides knowing how long the wait is going to be to get our GC based on the information from USCIS, what other purpose is the FOIA going to solve? Probably not much. But I do agree that having those numbers helps us in identifying where we need to focus our lobbying efforts. If we know the bottleneck is EB2-EB3 spillover, we can work on that with USCIS.

    Someone mentioned in another thread where we all need to concentrate on one effort rather than be divided in multiple efforts. And I think it was suggested that we focus on visa numbers recapturing. I think its a great idea. However, please be aware that in the context of CIR, EB immigration is a small drop. And hence any lobbying to increase/recapture visa numbers need to be done with the FB immigration. EB and FB together can lobby for the recapture visa numbers project and might achieve considerable success.

    If we as EB immigrants need to make our voice known, we need to take a leaf out of the President's book, from his campaign. He started a grass roots level campaign and look at where that has led him to!! So here is my suggestion for a project that will highlight our cause and lead some of the anti- EB Immigration Aholes to shut up their various holes.

    I am assuming we have around 500K immigrants in waiting. Let's say there are 250K primary applicants. The goal is we try to get an email database of as many potential immigrants we can. Next we start an email campaign highlighting a story of an immigrant family or a news article against immigration or lobbying by anti immigrant groups or lack of visibility in ongoing discussions on CIR. At the bottom of each email, we have a donate button that takes the person to IV's donation page/paypal, whatever it might be. We start with a minimum of $50 and go upwards to $500. The goal is if we have atleast, say 100,000 potential immigrants to contribute a min of $50, then if my calculations are in order, that is about $5 Millions. We might have more depending on how many more people contribute and how much more than the min $50 that people contribute. But the baseline collection would be about $5 Million. OK, so what do we with that money? Well, the biggest skill set for us EB immigrants are our education. We have a minimum of a bachelors degree and have a penchant for being well educated. That is the weakness in the American education system - Education. We say thousands of high school dropouts. Thousands of college drop outs. The Obama administration has clearly said they need to invest in America's future. And hence they have a big ambitious spending on fixing the educational system. I know that as non permanent residents or citizens, we are not allowed to contribute to any politicians. However, we can donate money to the state or to a charity organization. What I suggest is we collect this money and send it to the first lady, Michelle Obama and have her send this to a non profit community project for education on our behalf. This will bring a lot of attention because we as EB immigrants are saying, we want to contribute to better the educational system if given a chance so that the future American generations don't become prey to the 21st century American competitiveness like outsourcing and H Visas and stuff.

    This might seem like a small drop in the ocean, but it is definitely a bright one!! And don't tell me it can't be done. It sure can be done. There was someone who already did this at the grassroots level, and his name is Barack Obama!!!

    I am willing to talk to the IV Core team to discuss if needed.
    While it seems like a great initiative - lets take a step back and examine the "materiality" of the $5MM number........

    1. Annual budget of a typical State Univ is upwards of $1Bn.
    2. $5MM can pay for college education of say, 100 kids (only about 50 if you include living expenses)

    So, what the message that would go out in media would actually read like is the following:

    "100,000 green card applicants trying to buy their way to US Residency by sponsoring 100 kids' college education and/or contributing 0.2% of Ohio State University's Annual Budget"

    To the average American worker who has lost his/her job or knows someone close who has - this would, in my mind, seem like a bribe........and make them anti-EB if they already were not.........

    All immigrant and non-immigrant workers do their fair share for this country by paying their taxes and abiding by the laws of the land + they pay significant fees during their entire H1 and GC process- a proposal that involves them shelling out any more $$s would only create a sense that we are trying to buy our way in plus its not really fair on the applicants in any way.

    11-15 12:18 AM

    Congrats that you got it somehow. I also took a Infopass on Nov 7th and status changed to "Doc Mailed" within 2 Hrs of Infopass Appt ( spooky :eek:)and we both discussed about meeting Senator's office if it doesn't come in 7 days.

    Looks like time has come for me to meet Senator/Congressman... Today is Nov 14th and in 7 days the mailed doc didn't come. I dont have any lawyer.

    Shall i go waste a day and meet Senator or wait for some more - Kind of in a dual doubt and confusion :confused:

    I would wait for one more week. Since you do not have lawyer, USCIS has to send you the papers. If within one week nothing happens, Go for one more infopass.. Best Luck.

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