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  • vbkris77
    11-26 06:34 PM
    As DOS has posted the NVC backlog numbers as on November 1, 2009, if the core team look at it and update the analysis. This data is not categorized via month but still may be helpful in prediction.


    In my view CP Data published doesn't help much here are the reasons. They need to publish the data in the same lines of CIS.

    1. For EB2 3K visas doesn't change the dynamics.

    2. For EB3 adding 20K visas will slow things more. But beyond that we can't say anything else.

    3. ROW EB3 will be slow and Philippines will be dead slow.

    The biggest thing that CIS/State needs to understand is that for EB2, they are going to pass 2007 Fiasco cutoff in the spillover and may waste the numbers.

    We need to let them start a long term planning and make sure they don't waste visas. It is unfortunate that State thinks CIS can process all the AOS applications in a calendar quarter in most cases and in a month in some cases during end of year scenario. State needs to include DOL statistics and CIS processing bottlenecks to advance the dates. It is unfortunate that none of these agencies can sort their applications on date correctly.

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  • nixstor
    08-31 05:29 PM
    Forget Polls. Polls are no way going to help any one. If people are complacent that they have filed for 485 and can enjoy the ride they are mistaken. If people are worried that their receipts havent been generated in 60 days, they are unnecessarily worried.

    If all the people in the DC area who are affected by this participate along with their families, we have more than 10,000 number. As paskal said, my job my vacation, my manager, my time off, my, my ... my. I am talking with people and I explain them. I get a weird response. What can I do? I filed for my 485. I will get my EAD & AP.

    I ask those guys what will you do if the economy tanks in Dec/Jan time frame and you lose your job? All the hard work you have done in your job for the past 6-8 years, your manager and nothing comes to rescue on that day.

    Its our choice. Its in our hands. Its in our minds to make a decision to actively participate in the rally.

    Call your friends in DC and wake them up. Let them cuss at you. Dont give up. Dont give up

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  • BharatPremi
    11-06 11:19 AM
    Arent you concerned that if its approved on Oct 1, and you didnt get it, then where is it? Did you ask them as to why you havent gotten it in mail even though it has been approved a month ago? Also, did you check with your lawyer if he got anything?

    It was approved on 10/1*/2007 not exactly on 10/1/2007. I was concerned and I asked her. What she told me is that once case is approved it generally takes around one week to get that mail out from mailroom and once it is out of mail room then generally it takes 2 weeks to get the mail for you. So calculating that I thought I should get that within a day or two. ANd another thing she told me is that once mail is out from USCIS mailroom then USCIS does not have any control or tracking mechanism so I do not have any choice other than waiting for mail...And yes I have just shooted an email to my lawyer. What do you advise?

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  • LostInGCProcess
    03-02 01:44 PM

    Today I got a call from an officer in "immigration and customs enforcement" asking for an appointment to visit my residence for checing my immigration status.
    I am on H1B visa.

    I would appreciate if someone could give any sort of information related to calling for a home visit.


    Did you wire transfer funds too many times in larger amounts?


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  • pappu
    01-13 09:49 AM
    You and I have identical PDs.

    Maybe you should get all that have similar PDs as you to do some campaign on IV. Tracking will not get a GC any faster. I believe time can be better spent by doing something together.

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  • gcgreen
    08-11 06:26 PM
    IMO, the key criterion is "occupational classification" under which the new job falls under, not the technologies used. For example, it is logical to conclude that a Software Engineer position that requires programming in Java is in the same or similar occupational classification as a Software Engineer job that requires programming in .NET.

    One could argue that .NET is a different technology than Java, but most if not all would agree they fall under the same/similar occupational classification.

    So as long as you can make a strong case that the occupational classification for jobs is the same/similar, I don't think there is a problem.

    Then again, I am not a lawyer and all that...

    How much does technology come into picture? I changed jobs using AC21 and am on EAD, my new job utilizes only 50% of the skills from previous job and am getting trained in new technologies in the new job. I am not sure if the new employer will list all technologies mentioned in the labor, but will definitely list all those that are being used. Any comments?


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  • gunabcd
    07-17 10:55 AM
    I have heard from one of the forums here that an estimated 500K people will file this month since all PDs are current. EB-3 mexico + phillipines togther alone will be close to 300K. God help the Job market.

    Also minimum wait time will be 500K/140K ~ 4 yrs before they get to process your GC. Add to that the time for namecheck backlog 2+ yrs. So total 6+ yrs before getting GC........


    6 years for everyone? is everyone's PD 2007? Are they going to issue GC only after 6 years? use a little common sense and you will find that GCs are given based on PD, Older the PD sooner you will get GC. for example a person with PD 2003 will get GC within 6 months.

    If you know you are a pessimist, then sit down in a corner and keep crying, don't scrare others with your illogical, baseless arguments.

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  • ramreddy
    01-31 04:28 AM
    ICE: "Sham" University, Cover For Illegals - FoxNews.com (http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/01/28/ice-sham-university-cover-illegals/?test=latestnews)
    Amongst Google video or Y-Tube was a report that TVU in fact ran a pyramid scheme or referral, which very much discounted the fees if there where referrals. Referrals would likely be a close school friend.
    I feel very sad for the tarnish it has caused .Esp the common Indian working there is bound to be looked upon as a fraud case - and he would have nothing to do with this AT ALL,it spoils the prospects and reputation of genuine people be it anyone Telegu or Non ..as long as he is Indian.
    Now all the local regional associations are desperately painting them as scapegoats because if otherwise it will be a big dent to their own rep. And next the Feds will want to go smell fish at any AP run consulting firm . A general fraud impression will be built rapidly around that community.Very unfortunate if that happens. But WHY in the 1st place attempt such a massive fraud ? Bad for all. I just hate it .
    BTW all this 1500 student game is happening when the H1B visa laws are the most restrictive so companies find it imposs to file a fresh H1B but its a lot easier to transit a student from F to H.


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  • rolrblade
    07-19 10:27 AM
    What will be the basis for emergency appointment ? I was strictly warned not to mention AOS as the basis for the request as it can seriously harm.

    I just checked the Mumbai consulate website (I am assuming your wife is in India) and the earliest available appoitment for H4 is July 27th. Why cant she take that? All you have to do is reschedule.

    There are also appointments for H4 for Aug 3,6,8,10. She shoudl reschedule her appointment.

    Send me a PM if you need help with the appoitment website.

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  • RajWantsGC
    05-12 05:10 PM
    Thanks Chandu. Did the same. Got I485 reopended as it is USCIS error (Filing Fee Not enclosed.) Got I797c for both of us saying that I485 reopened.


    would you please let me know in detail how you approached congress men and senators?
    How did you get their addresses and contact numbers? I am also in the similar situation.


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  • smuggymba
    11-03 08:04 AM
    Sen Reid and Grassley win. I was hoping they would lose badly.

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  • eb3retro
    01-13 11:10 AM
    just came back from india via frankfurt using AP. no h1b in passport. no questions asked, no one even verified AP. so, i can confirm that, i just came back 10 days ago. hope this helps. Took lufthansa.


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  • sparklinks
    07-27 01:18 PM
    to get the receipts. Lets not bug them and have them work instead on receipting. With over 500K+ applications, it'd be a while to get the reciept..
    oops did i mention EAD/AP..ur gonna have to wait a really long time on that one.

    I guess Phone answering people job is to answer the phones(not receipting), correct me if I am wrong.

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  • crzyBanker
    11-26 04:17 PM
    Good job IV. This article from IV really should give ideas to DOS and USCIS the way to approach going forward using the data available. Good data mining and analysis by IV.


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  • krishmunn
    01-13 09:22 AM
    �Permit to re-enter (valid for two years. This document guarantees the holder�s return only if his stay outside the USA has not exceeded two years),

    Can't this be construed as AP doc.??

    That is Re-Entry permit whcih you can get after getting a GC (if you intend to stay abroad for over 1 year )

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  • sdrblr
    08-06 09:57 PM
    I may have to respectfully disagree with this.. Mine was approved on June 13th 2006 and my PD is current.. I have seen many EB2 with a later PD and 140 approval being approved.

    There is only ONE trend... that is NO TREND :p


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  • mallu
    02-20 04:46 PM
    Can anybody estimate out of the 47000 identified cases that is affected by Name Check...

    How many are real old PD's like

    Prior to 2003

    Between 2003 and 2005

    Between 2005 and 2007

    India / China / Mexico / ROW


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  • pete
    12-13 03:29 PM
    If I get to it I will report this to the authorities. IV should work against this as well.

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  • Marphad
    12-30 04:42 PM
    my PD is april 2001
    and still waiting , & when we call ins we get a letter
    still in processing time :(
    what can we do?

    I am surprised to see People with April 2001 PD still waiting. Do you know the reason of getting stuck as your PD is current for some time.

    06-02 01:01 PM
    Person, if in USA, has 30 days to start working for H1 employer after CoS approval date. One more thing, one can start working after applying for SSN without waiting for getting actual SSN.

    It seems that she was out of status.

    Not a legal advice.

    Desi - Could you please guide us to any official site where this information is listed? I haven't been able to find this info on any official site (exp USCIS, DOS etc). Thanks

    07-04 04:35 PM
    Medical: $ 400.00
    Lawyer: $3,000.00
    Fedex: $ 100.00
    Documents: $ 20.00
    TOTAL: $3,520.00 APR.

    Tension that I have gone through on Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Can't estimate the cost
    Frustration that I am going through since Monday Morning: Can't estimate the cost.

    Please note that I am not counting any cost for taking the time off from work, spending time on collecting documents, phone call made to my parents in india. I am not even thinking the opportunity cost.

    My parents had spent time and money going to the different agencies to get the affidavit and then sending it to me via courier. My parents had cancel their program so that their son and Daoughter in law and son in law and Daughter can get the paper quickly and can send the papers to USCIS.

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