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  • gmatch
    12-13 03:56 PM
    It is not that i have full basket of apples now... my previous 2-employers promised me to start labor...but they did not do it..even i sent my docs 2-times to the previous employer ..but they gave lie assurances & very dumb...so i have lost my 2.5 years just waiting on their promises...& nothing got.

    Finally, I made up my mind ...either to get it on fast track OR leave this option... forever.

    I don't see anything wrong in it...as the previous person already left that labor unused... & employer needs those skills..which he found in me.

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  • widad2020
    06-12 09:28 PM
    This report is just released: Very interesting comments
    The U.S. retains its global pre-eminence in science and technology,with a big boost from foreign students,scientists and engineers, a RandCorp. report said.

    U.S. Still Leads the World in Science and Technology; Nation Benefits From Foreign Scientists, Engineers

    Despite perceptions that the nation is losing its competitive edge, the United States remains the dominant leader in science and technology worldwide, according to a RAND Corporation study issued today.

    The United States accounts for 40 percent of the total world�s spending on scientific research and development, employs 70 percent of the world�s Nobel Prize winners and is home to three-quarters of the world�s top 40 universities.

    An inflow of foreign students in the sciences -- as well as scientists and engineers from overseas -- has helped the United States build and maintain its worldwide lead, even as many other nations increase their spending on research and development. Continuing this flow of foreign-born talent is critical to helping the United States maintain its lead, according to the study.

    �Much of the concern about the United States losing its edge as the world�s leader in science and technology appears to be unfounded,� said Titus Galama, co-author of the report and a management scientist at RAND, a nonprofit research organization. �But the United States cannot afford to be complacent. Effort is needed to make sure the nation maintains or even extends its standing.�

    U.S. investments in research and development have not lagged in recent years, but instead have grown at rates similar to what has occurred elsewhere in the world -- growing even faster than what has been seen in Europe and Japan. While China is investing heavily in research and development, it does not yet account for a large share of world innovation and scientific output, which continues to be dominated by the United States, Europe and Japan, according to RAND researchers.

    However, other nations are rapidly educating their populations in science and technology. For instance, the European Union and China each are graduating more university-educated scientists and engineers every year than the United States.

    Policymakers often receive advice from ad hoc sources. Although their viewpoints are valuable, they should be balanced by more complete and critical assessments of U.S. science and technology, said report co-author James Hosek, a RAND senior economist. The absence of a balanced assessment can feed a public misperception that U.S. science and technology is failing when in fact it remains strong, even preeminent.

    �There is a pressing need for ongoing, objective analyses of science and technology performance and the science and technology workforce. We need this information to ensure that decision makers have a rigorous understanding of the issues,� Hosek said.

    Among the study�s recommendations:

    Establish a permanent commitment to fund a chartered body that would periodically monitor and analyze U.S. science and technology performance and the condition of the nation�s science and engineering workforce.

    Make it easier for foreigners who have graduated from U.S. universities with science and engineering degrees to stay indefinitely in the United States.

    Make it easier for highly skilled labor to immigrate to the United States to ensure the benefits of expanded innovation are captured in the United States and to help the United States remain competitive in research and innovation.

    Increase the United States� capacity to learn from science centers in Europe, Japan, China, India and other countries.

    Continue to improve K-12 education in general, and science and technology education in particular.

    The inflow of foreign students, scientists and engineers has been a key factor that has enabled the U.S. science and engineering workforce to grow faster than the U.S. is graduating native-born scientists and engineers, according to the report. Researchers found that foreign-born scientists and engineers are paid the same as native born, suggesting their quality is on par.

    But a recent reduction in the cap on skilled immigrant visas (H1-B) has the potential to reduce the inflow of foreign science and engineering workers, and the report argues that curtailing the supply of these scientists and engineers can lead U.S. firms to outsource more research and development to foreign countries and locate new facilities overseas. Rather than protecting jobs, this could lead to reduced investment and employment at home.

    Among potential weaknesses faced by the United States are the persistent underperformance of older, native-born K-12 students in math and science and the heavy focus of federal research funding on the life sciences versus physical sciences. Another unknown is whether an increasing U.S. reliance on foreign-born workers in science and engineering makes the U.S. vulnerable. In recent years, about 70 percent of the foreign scientists and engineers who receive PhDs from U.S. universities choose to remain here, but the stay rate could fall as research conditions and salaries improve abroad.

    The RAND report was sponsored by the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel & Readiness and conducted within the Forces and Resources Policy Center of the RAND National Defense Research Institute, a federally funded research and development center sponsored by the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Staff, the Unified Combatant Commands, the Department of the Navy, the Marine Corps., the defense agencies and the defense Intelligence Community.

    The report, �U.S. Competitiveness in Science and Technology,� can be found at www.rand.org.

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  • bostonqa
    12-13 12:25 PM
    Can you explain why EB2 ROW is flowing to EB3 and not to EB2 India?

    Since May 2005

    EB2 India has moved by 1 week.

    so its ONE week in 9 months!

    no matter what excuse they have, this is just pathetic.

    well on the other hand if they can screw up FEMA, Immigration isnt even a blip on this nations radar.

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  • looivy
    05-31 03:34 PM
    While you are at it, also say "No" to birthright citizenship act HR1868.


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  • andy garcia
    06-05 04:34 PM
    well this memo is taking it one step further than the last memo -

    it is saying that the I-140 must be approved before determining portability. which means most likely if you file for portability and your 140 has not been approved then USCIS will be forced to look at your 140 petition and approve it.

    You are interpreting as: It must be approved when in reality it means that It should have been already approved in order to make a decision on portability. They can not be forced to approve your I-140 just because you are changing jobs.

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  • vijayrudra
    07-19 02:38 PM
    have PM'ed ya


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  • psaxena
    05-20 05:37 PM
    There should a seperate quota for immigrants from Jhumri Talliya

    In the same lines as H1B, could we look into if its possible to add a quota for US Masters degree holders irrespective of country of birth for green Card also. This would be in addition to the existing Employment based quotas.
    Does anyone know how they added 20k H1B quota for Masters degree holders? Who sponsored that bill? May be we should talk to the same people.

    I would think there would be a little less resistance for this? This would ease the pressure on both EB2 and EB3.

    I dont know if this has been previously looked at. I know there were talks of excluding these people from quota all together.

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  • kumar1
    08-24 10:35 AM
    Yes you may.


    I am in a similar situation and have a very simple question. Can I port from EB3 to EB2, while on EAD? I do not have a valid H1. AFAIK porting needs re-filing a labor application, hence the confusion.



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  • iwantgc
    12-04 06:08 PM
    Is this just for India?

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  • enggr
    03-17 03:52 AM
    My dear friends,
    I am so sad to tell the fact my I-140 got denied after the RFE response. In response to the RFE in September my lawyer responded to the RFE in November and the result came early this month (march 2008).
    In the RFE response in last November my lawyer told USCIS that the category was marked wrong as EB2 where the case should be actually under EB3.
    USCIS denied the application saying that application cannot be approved under EB2 and request for EB3 cannot be entertained at this point.

    The following are the words from USCIS denial notice.

    "The petitioner indicated that it had made an error in marking the petition form and that the petition should be considered one requesting the beneficiary's classification under a different section of law. However, since the petition was filed for second-preference classification and was initially adjudicated on that basis, USCIS will not at this stage consider it for some other classification.
    In accordance with a USCIS announcement dated on May 23, 2007, the petitioner may elect to file a new petition on the beneficiary's behalf requesting a different visa classification but supported by the instant labor certification.(A motion making this request would be denied.) If the petitioner elects to persue this option, it should include a cover letter which explains the request, include a copy of this denial notice, and clearly report that the original labor certification is with LIN XXXXXXXXXX housed in AXXXXXXXXX. "

    Also mine and my wife's I-485 got denied on the same day. In the denial notice of I-485 USCIS has mentioned that "The regulation does not provide for an appeal to this decision."

    We are planning to file a new labor certification by end of this month as the current one is 99% a gone case

    As you all know I was trying to save this application to save my wife's EAD.

    Please help me with one of the options below.

    Regarding my rejected I-140 I have two choices as per USCIS and my lawyer. Either of them should be filed 33 days from first week of march. Doing both of the below options at the same time will result in automatic rejection of both

    1) Appealing the decision
    Pros: My wife gets a chance to win her EAD back which is a big win for us
    Cons: USCIS has indicated in the rejection notice that they are rejecting the I-140 because it does not qualify for EB2. they added that our request for converting it into EB3 cannot be entertained at this moment of time. So chances of winning the appeal is small compared to filing new I-140 as per my lawyer

    2) Applying new EB3 I-140
    Pros: Chances of getting an approval under this new EB3 I-140 is more compared to appealing the old EB2 application (the old application also includes and the request to convert EB2 into EB3)
    Cons: Definite loss of my wife's EAD. Also since the labor is on Aug 2006 they have a common expiration date of Jan 2008. All labors from June 2007 (somewhere around that time) expire 6 months of the approval date and I-140 within that 6 months only will be considered for processing. Since we have passed the Jan 2008 period my lawyer is saying the new I-140 can also get rejected. the only argument we can place is, the processing time taken/length of old I-140 processing and the suggestion given on old I-140 denial notice dated march 1st week.

    I am wondering whether we can do an MTR (Motion to re-open on the old application). This option is not mentioned by USCIS or lawyer. I am wondering whether this option will eliminate the appeal/new I-140 application within 33 days previlege

    . My answer to my attorney regarding the next course of action depends on your advice(s) very much.

    Thanks in advance and I really appreciate who posted replies to my questions earlier.


    Labor approved 2006 Aug EB2
    I-140 applied 2006 Nov EB2
    I-140 RFE 2007 Sep
    RFE response 2007 Nov
    I-140 denied 2008 Mar


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  • gcisadawg
    03-26 02:59 PM
    many other states including mine has this requirement after 9/11. They require latest(within 1 month) employer letter saying what my name and address is and I work for them.

    I have used it atleast 3 times before.......

    When I went for renewal in MD, I was asked "Do you have $30?"....That plus about-to-be expired DL got me a new license valid for five years.

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  • mrajatish
    12-28 10:02 PM
    Per AC 21, it is soft quota - if you think about it, it is pretty simple.

    In EB1, every country has 7% quota. Anything unused in EB1 ROW first goes to EB1 India and China. After that, the remaining number (say 4000) should flow to EB2. In EB2, every country has same 7% quota. Let us say 2000 is left unused. So, in all, 6000 extra visas should flow to anyone in EB2 category based on Pri dates.


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  • gcseeker2002
    01-13 05:04 PM
    Hey gcseeker2002, after 300+ postings also how can you post such a thing.

    This is new rule implemented and by thinking you as senior if someone goes and faces problem will you be responsible. So please don't do this boss.

    To All Who believe no need to have valid VISA while going back to India or their country.
    This is email got from German Consulate at Washington DC to my collegue.

    German Cosulate Rep at DC: You wrote that your visa for the United States already expired in September 2010. Therefore you do not fall under Exception Nr. 2. This exception is meant for persons travelling to the US holding a valid US-visa (e.g. a visitors visa with one entry) on their way travelling to the US (Exception 1) and travelling back to their home country during the validity dates of this same visa, but already having used it for entering the US (Exception2) . I hope this clarifies your additional question. I suggest that you apply for an Airport Transit Visa as soon as possible to avoid any problems when travelling back to India via Frankfurt airport.

    vishwak, dont consider my seniority by number of posts. As is I am going through so much injustice in life, having spent 12 years in this country and still waiting for GC bcos of this stupid EB3 mess, and now the germans decide to harrass me by asking for transit visa ? Not that I dont want to follow rules, but after spending 12 years waiting for GC, I am glad that I broke atleast one rule, of travelling through frankfurt to and from india without the damned transit visa. Of course I was travelling alone, and my family was not travelling , and hence I could risk it out. This does in no way prevent anybody in this forum or the world from not getting transit visa and continue to be opressed by the germans. Folks, I have just told my experience, rest is upto you if you want to get the transit visa .

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  • onemorecame
    07-06 03:16 PM

    This info is already posted somewhere else.
    I don't think its need new thread.
    Administrator please close this thread


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  • whattodo21
    11-01 09:07 AM
    Is there any pattern to the delays....in the sense that, did the applicants apply it late or the USCIS has been late in spite of applying around 120 days before expiry of EAD?

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  • Gravitation
    12-13 12:39 PM
    Hi Gravitation,

    How do you know this? Can you please elaborate.

    I read about EB2 flow on one of the forums at immigrationportal.com. I'll try to find the thread and post the url if I can.

    About EB2 people filing is only from my personal experience. Every single friend I knew who was in EB3 with PD somewhere mine filed for perm EB2.


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  • plp039
    10-02 01:35 PM
    my lawyers filed for AOS (for my wife and me) on july 2nd in NSC. still dont have any reciepts/ead/ap etc. i have no idea why. my i-140 was approved in TSC. i was hoping that i'd get the reciepts since everyone seems to be getting them!


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  • memyselfandus
    09-10 02:18 PM
    We sent an email to CISOmbudsman.Publicaffairs@dhs.gov and they gave the update, even though the online status didn't update for more than a week.

    The Ombudsman office gave a response with in one business day.

    Found out from the Senator's office that my case has been approved. Attorney was able to call and confirm. No change in online status though.

    E-filed on May 5th

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  • waiting_4_gc
    08-28 06:54 PM
    where are you planning to stay?

    I'm reaching there on Tuesday morning and flying back in the
    evening (same day).

    02-04 05:40 PM
    Sent letters for me and my wife to White House and IV

    11-02 10:47 PM
    Well, at least the bill has been introduced in senate. And if it fails then perhaps peacemeal will happen

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