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  • amitga
    07-19 10:38 AM
    Get her medical examination done in India.

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  • HV000
    02-13 12:18 AM
    Thanks Shana for AC21 Format!! Is there any way to find out LC information for RIR applications?? I know PERM LC info. is posted on foreign LC website.

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  • cagcwait
    03-09 07:49 AM
    Meeting with Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren�s staff, San Jose


    A group of us met with the with Chief of Staff and Congressional Aide at Zoe Lofgren�s office in San Jose, yesterday. The meeting went very well and lasted an hour. The Chief of Staff was very knowledgeable about the issues. She ofcourse knew that the IV team had already met with the Congresswoman and the staff at her DC office. One of her first comments was about that meeting and she remarked that it was very good to have � an organized group� like IV. She was very appreciative of what IV was doing as an �organized group� � doing their homework and research and putting out presentations and materials that brought out the core issues very clearly and hiring a very competent lobbying firm to help execute our agenda. She wanted to know who made those presentations (thanks to Berkeley Bee!!!!!) J.. In fact, she repeated her appreciation quite a few times about IV. She also mentioned that she had read about IV in the Roll Call and was looking forward to meet the group.

    We went through the presentation, explaining the issues � most of which the Chief of Staff was already were aware of. The Congressional Aide was not aware of a few and we used the opportunity to explain the issues. Needless to say, personal examples helped to get the point across very well. While we went through the issues at the BECs and the USCIS, we quoted quite liberally from the Ombudsman report and the Presidents Economic report and from logiclife�s post on the backlog centers. At one point we were asked/ told that since these were infrastructure problems that are very deep, it is probably going to take time to completely address the fixes in the system. We again took that opportunity and told them about IV goals such as the 3yr H1B extensions instead of 1yr and the recapture of the visas lost between 2001 and 2004 - which would provide interim relief to the people affected by the backlog. We explained how the 3yr extensions instead of 1yr would relieve the USCIS of additional work and allow them to focus their efforts on actual processing / clearing of backlog. When they commented that the Dept of Homeland Security may want this to be a 1yr process, we pointed out that currently 3yr extensions are being offered to people who have filed for I485, so we are merely asking that the same be extended to people with their Labour and I-140 pending.

    They offered us a couple of suggestions:

    1. To talk to the Congress people �on the other side� especially in the Judiciary committee. They wanted us to consult with our lobbying firm first. They strongly felt that we should be talking to lawmakers who are not pro-immigration. They said that we may need to study their district and the industries there and try to point out how those industries are benefited by immigrants directly or indirectly.

    2. To collaborate with the giants in the Private sector who employ highly skilled legal immigrants because some of them have very loud voices on the hill.

    We do have an action to get back to them with a list of states that we know that don�t issue drivers license renewals for 1yr. Can someone please provide us with this information so that we can relay it back to them?

    They also wanted a softcopy of our presentation and the supporting materials. We are working on that.

    Overall, they had a very good opinion about ImmigrationVoice. To quote them again,
    �Very Organized Group� � and they felt that organized groups make a great difference,
    �Done their homework very well in terms of research, pinpointing the exact issues, presenting and communicating them in a way lawmakers / people understand�, �Have a very good lobbying firm�. They wanted IV to continue what we are doing and meet with lawmakers on either side (pro and anti immigration), so that when a �window of opportunity� presents itself, we can use it to our advantage. The Chief of Staff reiterated this point and mentioned how important it was to be prepared for this �window of opportunity�.

    My request to people who read this,
    1. If you are not a member of IV, please become a member and join hands with IV NOW. You can clearly see what an impact IV is making with the lawmakers in such a short frame of time.
    2. If you have not contributed, please do so NOW. It is absolutely required to retain this �very good lobbying firm� and make sure that our voices continue to be heard.
    3. Please join the membership drive started by logiclife at and bring in 5 more members who can contribute monetarily / otherwise.


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  • GCA
    05-15 01:39 PM
    That was a great post from "snathan" and a very touching one as well. Thanks dude.

    I see few comments saying otherwise and even pushing "snathan" to pull back his original post. But the way I see it, "snathan" never adviced or forced it on anyone. There are always good and bad things everywhere and upto the matured minds to see what to take and what not to. But to deprive someone of that piece of advice or information or a story for that matter, is what I would term it bad.

    Well, if this arrived too late for someones current relation, it should definitely help the next one. After all life doesn't end until the last breath.

    Also thanks to Mbhai too. Though meant to criticize, still had the "snathan" posting in quotes. Otherwise many like me wouldn't have had the chance to read his post. Again I am not saying Mbhai and rest others who criticized did anything wrong. They again free to share there opinion but could have avoided pointing directly to someone ( no harm ). All here are matured enought to see whats good/bad and what to take/not.

    No harm intended against anyone in this post. Take it all easy guys.


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  • Kitiara
    02-03 05:11 AM
    See, I <i>told</i> you all that this would be between Eilsoe and Soul. :)

    You two guys have both come up with amazing entries. It's near on impossible to choose between them, I love them both. :love:

    I'm soooo jealous of your skills.

    And thank you to the person that had the courage / stupidity (delete as appropriate) to cast their vote for me. :cyborg:

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  • Soul
    02-07 09:32 AM

    Thanks Kit, I liked the tudor bit too :)

    What castle did you say yours was based on?

    - Soul :goatee:


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  • satdal
    11-26 09:13 PM
    Our receipt date is 9/10. No FP notices yet. Got EADs and APs well in time.
    I opened SR for myself on 10/11 and my wife on 10/16. Exactly after 45 days, today I got 2 letters from them. There is no logic in what I see in them. Here are they:
    Response to my SR: Our review indicates that this case is actually within our processing time. We regret any misunderstanding.If you don't recv a decision or notice of other action within our current processing time, check our website or call cust service. All returned documents will be re-mailed.
    Response to spouse's SR: The status of the service request is :
    Biometrics must be taken at the ASC in your area. When an appt. becomes available you will be notified by mail when and where to report. Please allow 4 months to receive your appt for biometrics.

    Finally the real twist ..... We had an infopass appt at Dallas center last week.The IO asked me the purpose of the visit and I had informed her about our cases. She looked at our cases and said that our files are not yet opened. I was confused and upon my request to explain in detail, she said our files were not assigned to anyone and are with TSC. She suggested me to call USCIS Natioanl Cust serv and ask them to send a request for the files to be opened. I have never come across/read such a scenario. I got further confused and was wondering how come we got EADs and APs when our files were not "opened". There was no clearcut answer for that. She advised me to call them and quote that we visited Infopass and they advised us to call USCIS asking our files to be opened. I am not sure if this works or not.

    But the greatest relief came at the end of the appt ....both of us got cleared in the background check. I am assuming that background check and name check are one and the same. Friends,Correct me if I am wrong.She said as of Oct 18th, we were cleared.
    Looking at all these things, I am not sure how the process is taking place !
    I haven't called USCIS yet as I thought that I would wait till 45 days are over since I opened SRs for FPs. Now it's over and I just got the responses for the SRs today.


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  • kaisersose
    08-24 10:42 AM
    I still don't get it. There are around 300k AOS applications now pending. Given that there are only 10k EB based green cards for India, and I am sure there are more applications than 10k for FY2008 and still Visa bulletin for Oct indicates a date of Apr 2004. Should it not be "U" for the entire FY2008?


    There are 2 agencies involved here - DOS and USCIS. Visa numbers and cut-off dates are owned by DOS. 485 applications are held and processed by USCIS as and when visa numbers are released by DOS.


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  • luckysuizhang
    04-03 01:13 AM

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  • blacktongue
    11-10 03:01 PM
    waitingwaiting You can see current one. It is as good as new for EB3. There is no chance EB3 will current.

    Employment- Based

    All Chargeability Areas Except Those Listed
    1st C C C C C
    2nd C 01JUN06 08MAY06 C C
    3rd 22JAN05 22NOV03 22JAN02 01MAY01 22JAN05


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  • dontcareaboutGC
    04-13 12:12 PM
    Along with Individual donations what are people's thoughts on advocating for and asking assistance from companies to donate to our cause. I keep reading many articles where many companies have been advocating and lobbying for this? I mean would it be too terrible if all us can try and pursuade our current employers to donate atleast 50-100$ for this. I dont know if it can be a recurring donation but even 1 time will make a huge impact on money collected.

    I can start with my own organization and see if this will have any traction.

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  • drona
    09-04 06:04 PM
    Please update your profiles in the User CP to "Yes - I will attend the rally in DC". This will enable you to receive the latest updates on the rally from IV Core.


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  • gc_maine2
    06-27 10:15 AM
    Dude If you can't direct people sit tight atleast don't misguide..... the Contribution you can give to IV is atleast close this thread:D :D :D


    july 30 th everyone for the benefit of all atleast those who can file before july 3oth

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  • boreal
    08-11 10:18 PM
    Does anyone know if its possible to just renew the green-card or one has to apply for naturalization after 5 years?


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  • cmathew
    04-01 08:46 PM
    send fax 10 , 11

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  • radosav
    04-01 03:23 PM
    sent fax # 10


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  • Lasantha
    12-26 03:24 PM
    It seems as per current DOS practice, the answer is yes. They will be issuing only 2800 EB2 visas per year to India and China. They will be issuing remaining unused visas by EB2-ROW to EB3-ROW.

    So that means the unused Visa number flow "downwords" within the country category NOT "accross" the EB category.

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  • bklog_sufferer
    04-01 05:20 PM
    Fax sent...

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  • desijackass
    07-13 06:44 PM
    i think its great that you made a contribution as soon as you got your green card. Most people would have just removed themselves from this forum and not bothered. Thank you.

    03-02 02:51 PM
    Did you wire transfer funds too many times in larger amounts?
    this is absurd, why would wire transferring money have immigration officer visit the candidate, if they dont want to give us GCs then most people will continue to transfer money.

    08-31 08:31 PM
    Today many folks from CA showed interest in joining the rally. They are yet to submit their vote.

    Folks who are on the fence, decide and act FAST. This is going to be a historic event..Don't miss it !

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