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  • Macaca
    09-01 10:17 PM
    Based on this, GC holders with 40 work credits (that is, 10 years of US work experience) and reside in any of the 50 US states are eligible for SS, if they satisfy age and other requirements.

    It is possible that the the articles I read assumed that it will take 10 years to get citizenship. I have read this remark more then once.

    I will not be able locate the articles but keep in mind in the following articles. I have put a question mark on my original post.

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  • morchu
    07-20 01:22 AM
    Well.... I think I have to say... it is a choice you made, and nothing to do with a USCIS cruelty. I know guys who decided to file for 485, when his wife was in India (there by taking a chance on their personal life like spindoctor), and I know guys who decided not to file the 485 and was willing to wait for immigration rather than taking any chance on their personal life. It clearly is a choice between your chances on immigration (and maybe sometimes professional life + some monitory gain) vs chances on personal life. So dont blame ANYBODY for it, you knew beforehand, that you were taking chances on personal life. You chose to save some money (H1costs etc) and take chance of filing 485 just for yourself and thus advance probably in your professional life. And I have to say this, if you were really a "love bird" you will sometimes has to sacrifice something yourself for your partner.

    Coming to the point.

    Option1. As somebody else suggested, get back to H1 (via premium.. time matters), bring your wife as soon as possible (you might have to compromise some of the tasks you mentioned for her in India), and file 485 for her on August 1st itself. YOU CANNOT FILE 485 FOR SOMEBODY WHO IS OUTSIDE US.

    Option2. File for her "Follow to join", and start the process for it right away. Believe me time runs out so fast. Forget about bringing her in "visitor visa". You already know by yourself that she has "immigrant intent". Visitor visa is not meant for that at all. And chances of getting "visitor visa" for her is extremely limited.

    Option3. If your wife can get a job in H1Visa / L1visa. She can come to US even if she has "immigration intent". After being here, she can file for 485 and EAD (when the priority date is current). But obviously she should obey the rules of L1/H1 to keep her status once she is in USA, till she gets EAD. Again remember that once your 485 is approved, she does not qualify for filing 485 (in employment based category). So again time "may" be critical. You can always chose to take a chance again (since your 485 "may" not get approved in August).

    Option4. You can withdraw your 485, go to your motherland for now, help your wife complete the tasks she have in there, and when you are ready with your "love bird", get back to job in USA in H1 (and wife in H4), use the old priority date (since 140 already approved), go through the PERM and a 140/485 along with your wife. (PERM just takes 2 months now, and since you can have the same priority date as before you can almost immediately file your 485 after PERM approval, and there is premium processing for 140. Again this include sacrifice of some money and taking some step back in career.

    It is all upto you still, the choices.
    We all make some choices like this at some point in life.


    Thanks friend. Let me chew over your advice too. Though I really hate to quit my current job. It's a nice job after all. Also, getting a quick H1 through some reputable American company will be difficult. And I don't really want to go back to desi bodyshoppers again. Also, too many job hops may jeopardize the entire GC process itself. But if this is what I gotta do, then this what I will do.

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  • redgreen
    12-01 01:58 PM
    Will they not update status when they send any FP notice? Even if one misses the letter, one will get an idea whether something happened or not. Or are you saying that they don't even change the status when they send FP notice and if it misses to reach us we never would be knowing at all??
    Can anybody clarify whether they update at the online status system when they send FP notice. Otherwise there is some reason for a mild worry; still don't see any reason for the kind of anxiety people are having for not having FP.

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  • njboy
    11-02 09:25 PM
    If Republicans control the House, they will be too bitter because they can't repeal the Health Care Reform, and will not let CIR pass in 2011. Best hope is 2012 now. Obama could have easily passed CIR in past 2 years, instead he focused all his efforts on health care..


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  • rb_248
    12-13 03:21 PM
    I have got a job offer & this employer has few pre-approved labors which he offered me if I join him.

    I am on H1B visa since 3.5+ years & I am looking for the company to get my GC as soon as possible. I have BS + 10 years of IT experience in India/ USA/ UK, as Software Engineer/ Solution Architect / Project Lead/ Project Manager / Sr. PM etc.

    I want to know :

    1. Is it possible to use this pre-approved labor for me... if I have all matching skills & experiences to show in my resume (experiences/skills gained before that approval date of that labor)...? This approved labor shows the name of their previous consultant.

    2. Is it necessary to file the labor substitution by the employer...if I want to use that approved labor...?

    3. Is it possible for this employer to directly file my I-140 against this approved labor...?

    4. What are the info/proofs to verify that this employer is really filling my I-140 against this labor... ? (This employer has their attorney & I could not have better communication with their attorney)

    5. This employer is a consulting company...(desi) & they asked me to sign a financial agreement to repay their expenses on labor substitution/I-140/I-485...if I will leave them early. ...Is it legal to ask for such kind of agreement...?

    Please let me know as much as info/ guidance you can provide to me.

    Great thanks in advance for all of your help.


    Congratulations on getting ahead. Make sure this is not a scam. Especially during such crisis times, we are very vulnerable.
    Employer asking for financial agreement - hmmmmm...... After making sure this is not a scam, confirm again.

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  • greencard_fever
    08-05 10:52 PM
    I think signature is not getting displayed here.

    PD:- December 28 2004 EB2-I
    140:- Approved on 01/31/2008
    I1485:- Pending at NSC
    I485 RD:- 07/23/2008
    Last LUD on 485:- 08/04/2008
    FP:- Done


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  • immigrant-in-law
    01-25 09:55 AM
    All shops that hire OPTs and market them at ridiculously low rates with faked resumes must also be brought to justice.

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  • brahmam
    06-23 04:48 PM
    Brahmam and Company -

    - Shalom

    and up yours :D

    be of use sometimes instead of your gibberish. you did not answer my question but are busy sermonizing. get a life bro .. cheers

    No, I am not going to go to walmart because have heard of some people's photos being rejected by INS in the past. hence wanted a more authentic studio, if any.


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  • drirshad
    02-12 04:00 AM
    FearOnlyGod it is, do not give into bad employers. I looked up google for complain DOL against employer harassment. If you have email or other proof of his recent harassment it can be added to the same complaint to DOL check more resources you should be getting your pay.

    Q. What if I believe my former employer is "black-balling" me when a potential new employer is calling for a reference?
    A. This is not necessarily illegal. However, if the employer is doing this because you filed a discrimination complaint against them, this could be considered retaliation and that is covered under the Missouri Human Rights Act.

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  • saimrathi
    07-10 01:16 PM
    This is an awesome find... We desperately need to contact Michael Moore for our cause...

    Guys we should put this on youtube and hit with star ratings and supporting messages for moore...........

    CNN never tell truth no matter what it is...immigration, health care, .....


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  • gcdreamer05
    04-13 11:59 AM
    Brother, your idea is good but practically it is very difficult.

    Do you see a donate progress bar at the top, it took an entire month and lot of pushing to get 10,000 US$ in donation.

    People are not willing to donate, many have questions about credibility and what work is being done, some have lost entire hope and hence not willing to donate.

    It is like chicken and egg, we are asking people to donate to see change, some are saying change is not there and donation does not make a difference.

    If it is so difficult to collect 10,000 US$ a month how can your plan collect 5 million ?

    If someone is going to ask you the following questions what are your answers,
    1) If i donate 50$ what is the feedback (in terms of info, progress) that i will get?
    2) What will you do if the administration thanks us and takes the donation and gives it off to a non-profit education organization. (giving donation does not mean that they will do something for us). Then what do we do.

    Instead can we not use that money to lobby for our goals.

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  • nonimmi
    05-22 03:00 PM
    I wonder what our children and grandchildren will learn from all these. When they grow up and know that their parents had to go through this mess while waiting to be accepted legally for xxxx number of years and some people got the "grand reward" of being illegal for many years!! These CIRcus operators will be responsible for the loss of "very little" moral left in this country. GOD BLESS AMERICA.


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  • seratbabu
    02-23 09:48 PM
    Thank you all for your valuable suggestions... I have compiled the list from your posts and I will ask my attorney as to what all from here can be submitted...

    1. marriage certificate
    2. wedding photographs
    3. wedding card invitation
    4. property papers on joint name
    5. other investments on joint name might help.
    6. Indian passport has spouse's name entered
    7. "Lease papers"
    8. "Medical insurance papers with name of the spouse"
    9. joint tax filed as additional proof.
    10. Her H4 stamping etc can be a proof too

    I am now trying to come up with a affidavit format that I need to send to some folks in India who attended our wedding and get those too... I will keep you all posted..


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  • Sakthisagar
    10-27 12:21 PM
    Whatever you say man. i am with you. your are a genius.


    Only One Genius can recognise the Other :-):):D


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  • sam_hoosier
    11-19 02:50 PM
    Good idea, but will not work since people cannot think outside the box. Most people think that if I cannot get a GC why should the guy in the next cubicle (who has a US Master's) get it. They don't realize that by taking the US Masters out of the regular queue, they would probably get their GCs faster :)

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  • eilsoe
    02-07 08:39 AM
    this voting went pfft....

    nothing for 2 days...!


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  • EkAurAaya
    06-19 06:13 PM
    I don't know if he is gonna mess it up if I file on my own. But Senthil has valid point that he should support if there is an RFE.

    Its a very good point... might as well take the hit now BUT make sure you give him the finger and a few words when you throw your resignation letter on his face after getting your ead or if you want to wait till you get your gc!

    Sucker will rot in hell for sure!

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  • undertaker
    05-15 11:46 AM
    While I do not condone all practices of these big companies: coz of them many ppl sitting in India will have a H-1 and may never come here but me and some of my friends who have been working hard as students here (doing B.S. from a very reputed school, that still doesn't help be cap exempt) shall likely be left out.
    But, I do see racism in all this H-1B talk, lets face it: these are means to control (mostly) Asian immigration, I'm sure this wouldn't be an issue at all if H-1B was not the 'brown man's' visa to America.
    PS: Just my 2 cents, no offense intended to anyone of any color.

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  • tcsonly
    07-19 03:25 PM
    you can get medicals in 2 hours.

    Not sure if this is chicago/pittsburgh.

    your only option is to find out by calling all numbers in chicago and pittsburgs.

    People have flown in from various locations into chicago and got medicals in 2 hours.

    also, ask your wife to get the immunization record of mmr and tetanus.

    that will make your life easier.

    x-ray is mandatory.

    people, this is a fact.

    x-ray is not a must and it's need only if the skin test result is +ve.

    08-22 11:20 AM
    08/22/2007: October 2007 EB Visa Bulletin Prediction of AILA

    Based on the discussion with Charlie Oppenheim, Chief of Immigrant Visa Control and Reporting, DOS, the AILA has just released the following predictions:
    EB-1 (All Countries): Closely match to September 2007 VB
    EB-2 (All Countries): Closely match to September 2007 VB
    EB-3 (All Countries): Similar to January 2007 VB
    EB-3EW (All Countries): 10/01/2001
    EB-4: N/A
    EB-5: C
    This is what I found on

    08-27 10:57 AM
    SC: Nebraska
    RD: 06/16
    FP: 07/11
    RFE 07/30
    RFE received 08/04
    RFE response sent and received by uscis 08/07
    Expedite request 08/15
    Expedite request accepted 08/19
    Current EAD expires Sep 26

    How did you put the expedite request? did u call? did they take the edpedite request before 90 days of your filling? what did u tell them to put in the request? Pls help i am in same mess too file on june 2nd...

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