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  • alterego
    12-06 11:10 PM
    I am not sure why so many people so naively jump to the defence of India without looking at the context in which things are said.
    Most Indians love India and that includes most NRIs. If there was any doubt just look at the support the NRI PAC gave in pushing the nuclear deal.
    The main point here is that this thread was started on the premise that the negotiation of this deal to transfer social security payments was somehow good news for our money. I think one can disagree with this and still love India.
    Frankly, if my choice was between foregoing the money here and that money going for something good such as infrastructure development in India, I and I am sure most Indians here will happily sign off on those funds.
    Point however is I do not see it as good news for our social security money.

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  • IneedAllGreen
    01-31 03:54 PM

    I guess from this link/pdf people will get hint on where USCIS will use new fees money.


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  • kumar1
    08-21 05:46 PM
    When I was trying to file in EB-2, this was the first question that I asked me lawyer -- No matter what, I do not want to get my pending EB-3 case to get in trouble. His answer was -- These two are going to be totally isolated cases. A person can have multiple pending green card applications. Heck, one can have one application in EB category and the second one in FB category. Having two cases together in EB category is fine and the outcome of EB-2 case at any stage would not effect EB-3 case at all. (Again, if USCIS finds that you are in some sort of fraud then it is all together a different case).

    What you should not do (coming from lawyer) is do not file two sets of I-485. That is going to screw up your case.

    Another suggestion that lawyer gave me and I did not follow is -- Let us say your EB-3 I-140 is pending and you and your wife have EAD and AP. When you start a new EB-2 process, during the I-140 stage, take CP route (Counselor Processing). This is best of both the worlds. You have EAD and AP from EB-3 petition and you are requesting for CP for your EB-2 application. As soon as your dates become current, you will be notified to go to your home country US embassy. Go there with family, get everything done and come back to the US with GC. If S*H*I*T happens there (Which is rate), come back with AP (derived from EB-3 application) and you are back to where you were. By doing this, you just eliminated two things -

    1. Interfile is a tricky process. If you could avoid it, avoid it.
    2. When dates become current, US embassy would surely look in your case. That process is far better than USCIS + I-485.

    Negative point of this route is - you need to make a trip to your home country on a short notice.

    Once again, good luck to you all. Just, do not do anything illegal to get GC. Do whatever is permissible under the law and do not even believe your lawyer. Do your own homework.

    Hi All,
    I am looking to change my employer, i am on H1B but have EAD approved (EB3 :(). i am looking for some guidance in terms of talking points with prospective employers and convince them to re-file my labor/I-140 in EB2, my PD is May 2005 with current employer.

    i have just once concern (well more of clarification than a concern):

    - if i convince my prospective employer to go thru EB2 Process, do i need to go to EAD (AC 21) with this new employer or jump on H1?
    - if they re-file my labor/i-140 in EB2 how does any RFW/issues impact my EB3 status?

    i may have few terminologies wrong so apologize for that.

    will appreciate a response.


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  • jasguild
    07-17 09:17 AM
    I would not call you pessimistic. You are SELFISH. Sure you do not share the same enthu because this announcement does not offer you anything. Grow up and feel for others. Everyone knows that there will be a backlog and that is an issue we have to deal with once we get there.

    I wont even get in a pissing match with you. YOu are free to believe what ever you want.

    if you read my post you will see my concern is about the system not working.

    I can make a similar argument about you and others. You are so concerned about your benefit today, that you dont see the harm it may do to H1b holders and future candidates for I-485.

    If it makes you feel good you can fly to washington and thank them for the blessings after the announcement. So whatever makes your boat floats...



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  • Kushal
    11-21 07:16 PM
    Thanks...I'm not in the 16th district, but if I'm not wrong digital2k is. I will talk to him and schedule a meeting with Zoe very soon...

    I was looking for some one who is from Dis 16th. Please start movement rfom there.. ( her office ) do let me know what comes out. I am ready with next action iteam.. call list... unless she agrees nothing can start except media drive.

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  • mmj
    04-27 05:57 PM
    We need the numbers to make anything happen - if something as simple as cutting and pasting a letter cannot generate more than 20 participants when priority dates have become Unavailable again atleast for EB3I - I dont expect anything anymore to happen in the future. JUST BEING REALISTIC!!!


    Pls do not lose heart.
    speaking for myself, i have tried to remain active, but suddenly got swamped with a huge work-load.
    in this economy, performance is a matter of survival. Not to say that we should accept immigration to be a luxury.

    It is a pity i had to miss the donor's telecon last week, simply as i was still working.

    So bottom line: there are still people who are willing to participate and active, but it is a matter of immediate priorities.

    Let us keep up the spirit and keep working....


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  • mjULTRA
    02-11 12:55 PM
    i really liked all the entires, especially eilsoe's but i voted for soul's, because it didn't use the traditional 'to the edge' format, and he successfully broke out of the isometric only view.

    Kit your castle was wild, was it done from a photograph?

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  • rkgc
    05-30 12:01 AM
    Done, thx


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  • jkays94
    04-01 09:24 PM
    Sent 10 and 11.

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  • roseball
    06-26 03:24 PM

    I got mine done at samsclub..Its the cheapest and quality is good too.

    You pay $4.99 for 2 copies and 40 cents for each additional copy...I dont think anybody else can beat this price.....


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  • jasguild
    07-17 10:34 AM
    I agree with everybody on this thread. I agree this solution ( if any) will be a band aid. I also agree the band-aid is needed to prevent the wound from becoming fetid. I agree this may exacerbate problems.

    For all these reasons, it is imperative we do not stop after this anouncement. Our long term goal has to be retrogression relief in one form or the other, including all or some of recapture of unused visas, increase in annual quota, resolution of the FBI name chack black hole, and more that able persons in IV can doubtless think of better than yours truly.

    I, for one, am going to be a member of IV long after this anouncement.

    WELL SAID!!!

    The only thing I would like to add is, when we eventually get our GC, lets not forget those behind us!


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  • bkarnik
    04-01 08:05 PM
    Fax 11 sent


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  • Michael chertoff
    12-30 09:45 AM
    My situation,

    I am a july 2 filer, planning to use EAD to work in diifferent company in same profession(NOT invoking AC21). On I-485 approval want to come back to the original employer who filed I-485. my company is supporting and willing to support for any RFEs.

    Please tell me if it is going to work and what are the risks involved.

    Thanks in advance


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  • nixstor
    02-11 04:23 PM
    Thanks for the comments. Its not my assumptions, it is the law.
    Please checkout how the spillovers between EB and FB are arrived. Here is the link

    My 0.02


    Thats a good analysis. As you noted EB-2 India got only 14K visas as opposed to other predictions of 30-32K visas. I have long said that the variable here is how EB1 and EB-2 ROW demand numbers. A lot of folks assumed that all the spill over will end up in the EB-2 I/C lap. It does not as long as there is no retrogression across the entire EB-2 category severely, making the old PD golden (this is not going to happen) or there is very less demand for EB1 and EB2-ROW numbers.

    While I agree with your analysis, I feel that the number of employers/applicants filing for Labor/140/485 has started a downward spiral in 2008. This means lesser demand for EB1 and EB-2 ROW numbers making the numbers available to EB-2 I & C. Again, it is very well possible that there are just enough number of people from both Eb1 & EB-2 ROW categories left & entering in the system to deny the numbers to EB-2 I & C. Unless the state of the economy continues like this, shedding 600K jobs in one month, equal to number jobs in the state of Maine, we can't say that EB-2 I & C can become close to current or leap into 2007 and beyond. Then we might be current and have a GC but the economic situation would be so worse that people don't care for GC. God Forbid we have to see that and lets hope and pray that the Stimulus will resuscitate the economy


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  • shukla77
    06-23 06:49 PM
    I guess MOST of the people are concerned about the quality of photos than $ spent. My friend had RFE because the photos he got from CVS were not upto USCIS specifications. So any + experience is valuable to the forum.


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  • Macaca
    09-03 08:54 AM
    In 1996, Congress seriously considered proposals to reduce substantially legal immigration. S. 1394 would have reduced legal immigration by approximately 330,000 a year, or 41 percent, according to the U.S. Department of State. After much debate, those efforts were defeated in the Senate, while similar large-scale legal immigration reductions were stopped in the House.

    If the cuts in legal immigration proposed in Congress in 1996 were to become law today, the size of the Social Security actuarial deficit would increase by 13 percent over a 50-year period. (page 8)


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  • eilsoe
    02-02 06:38 PM
    well, if it hasn't been a rule in the other battles, then by all means VOTE AWAY :P


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  • EkAurAaya
    10-11 06:41 PM
    Read the message clearly before posting. He already mentioned that she could not win the H1B lottery.

    She can still try for not for profit companies... and if she lands with a job their situation will be better off then waiting for the next years lottery or waiting for his 2005 PD to become current

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  • shamu
    01-11 09:39 PM
    I understand your situation as i was there once. If you dont have insurance than your options are very limited. if you live in dallas county parkland hospital is your only choice. Parkland has a network of several clinics around DFW area. Every clinic has financial assistance department. You can visit any of those and they will setup a payment plan which is reasonable based on your income. You will visit them for all prenatal care and when the time comes for delivery it will be taken to parkland. and parkland is a very good hospital as well. beside parkland several hospitals also offer cash plans like RHD memorial at 635 but they will charge you close to 4k just for delivery day and if its a normal one. you will have to do prenatal at your own.

    thank you Aamir, I will try to explore both these options.

    Thank you very much!

    11-27 08:00 PM
    Count me in...No FP

    01-04 04:51 PM
    bump up.

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