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  • onemorecame
    10-19 04:13 PM
    my travel date is on nov 21st and my RD for ap renewal is aug 6th. here are the things I have done so far.

    1) called NSC and expedited mine and my spouse AP.
    2) sent a fax copy of the expedite request letter to NEbraska service center requesting an expedite.
    3) have sent all the documents to the local congressman and they are sending a letter by fax to NSC requesting to expedite.
    4) Have an infopass appt for oct 28th.
    5) sent another copy of the ap renewal receipt, along with 2 phographs, 485 and i140 receipt copy along with a letter requesting expedite with an email from travel agent citing financial loss if i cancel tickets.
    6) also, my father in law had to undergo a bypass surgery (emergency) this week and we have received a letter from the doctor regarding the same and will be using it during the infopass if I do not see an approval (atleast online) before our infopass appointment.

    what isa fax number to expedite the process for NSC, it will great if you can share the format of expedite letter.

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  • ken
    10-03 02:18 AM
    Just a quick update on AP Case- Today the e filed application got approved The total time it took is about 10 days from filing to approval.

    e filed on Sept 23 and approved on Oct 2

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  • chanduv23
    11-01 06:45 AM
    Thanks for the info,

    how to contact Ombudsman

    Google DHS USCIS ombudsman and you will find a link to form 7001

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    12-02 04:54 PM

    I have a three year bachelor degree + MBA from India with 9 years of experience. My labor
    Please let me know your opinion. I have to file an appeal in next few days. Thanks for your help.

    This is not good. Either USCIS is doing a terrible job or you gotta change lawyer!


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  • angelfire76
    06-09 10:53 PM
    Just hot gas...nothing more.
    It is not going anywhere. The message is clear. People of color are not welcome, specially INDIANS, and now looks like Chinese too.

    Do you know how many people from S. Korea, Japan and from Africa apply for GC? You are making an extremely pre-mature and rash statement which might alienate what's probably the only developed country in the world which is still not hostile to people of color.

    If EB3 is moving faster than EB2, then you can figure out why I'm sure. Don't blame the porters, blame the system.

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    02-03 01:16 AM
    the trend continues...

    soul and eilsoe were my favs as well. But, [sigh] I had to decide
    of course. And I did, bravely and valiantly.

    Nice work everyone!



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  • sujan_vatrapu
    10-28 01:55 PM
    Yeah... very good, now there is two.... this is the proof why EB is not moving or why there is no unity. Keep on arguing and disunite that is the usual desi NRI habit. especially people in USA.

    Brush your GK about Hindu religion.. and this word is just phrased by a Irish Padri just to fool Hindus and you become a trap of it.. I pity Wake up and dont be in a fools world!

    "Sakthisagar", get you facts right, supreme court of india ruled that "Hinduism represented a way of life", and funny thing is you are talking about unity, check your posts, if someone disagrees with you you start talking BS about that person, tonyHK12 being an atheist for me does not imply anything -ve about him,

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  • spindoctor
    07-20 01:21 AM
    well since we are in the mood for quotes here's a different take on the use of past moves in making a current move:

    George Santayana:
    Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

    Etienne Gilson:
    History is the only laboratory we have in which to test the consequences of thought.

    Kurt Vonnegut:
    History is merely a list of surprises. It can only prepare us to be surprised yet again.

    Pearl S. Buck:
    One faces the future with one's past.

    though ofcourse there is no point in fretting over split milk, learning from the past is very very important... Both your own past moves as well as those of people before you.

    History does not repeat itself. The historians repeat one another.
    Max Beerbohm

    History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.
    Winston Churchill


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  • Meenal
    06-03 04:47 PM
    I am from Ohio and tried several times to join State Chapter. I did get PM from a member last week who asked me to get him my personal info, which I did but no rsponse from him..

    Can you suggest a link how can I join SC?



    Hi Ramesh,

    I spoke with Uday, he has enrolled you as a State Chapter Member. There is a google/yahoo grp that each chapter leader maintains. You can directly contact Uday if you have any suggestions or he will contact you when there is any action item and the members of Ohio are participating. Thanks for agreeing to volunteer your time for IV.


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  • file485
    01-01 07:55 PM
    Thanks Harsh..

    you think it is safer to submit the last 2/3 paystubs while on H1 earlier along with the other documents we submit while filing for H1, or not even submit them.. I know the officer is at full liberty to ask whatever document he fancies at that moment and my stars at that time..

    Do you think they will ask for the W2's while on H1 period..?

    others too, pls share your thoughts.


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  • viv24
    05-26 12:13 AM
    My problem is that, i have approved h1b, went for stamping to canada, got stuck there for 60 days under 221g, the consulate has still my stamping pending,meanwhile to protect my job i used my AP.

    my questions, do i have use ead or can stay in h1b when the stamping is pending.

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  • gsc999
    09-05 11:00 PM
    I am taking Jetblue from Oakland to Dulles Airport in DC reaching on Sunday (09/16)morning

    I will be staying at
    A couple other folks from California will be staying at this Hotel. if you want we may be able to get a group discount.


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  • jchan
    11-30 04:55 PM
    A way to estimate ROW 485 applications

    Since ROW 485's are approved rather quickly, the small number of pending cases from the USCIS report does not reflect the whole picture how many ROW 485's are submitted each year. However, we may be able to estimate like this:

    First find out the average processing time of ROW 485, then we know the pending number from USCIS report is the cases submitted for the length of the processing time. For example, if the processing time is 3 months, and there are 7000 cases for ROW pending, then we know there are 7000 ROW 485 submitted in 3 months. Then the full year demand is 28000. Maybe the report can be revised with these information to get a better estimate on the spillover?

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  • ursosweet
    07-19 01:58 PM
    my sincere advice to you, being a physician myself.
    TB test needs min of 48 hrs to be read and if positive, you HAVE to do a chest x-ray. the immunizations are ok.
    get her here on the next flight and get the medical done nxt week.
    i had my medical on june 26 and i had to literaaly storm the office of the doctor to get my report done, and i mailed to my attorney......oh i can never forget that day!! it was a race against time. and am glad its over.

    good luk


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  • arihant
    02-21 01:02 PM
    Has anybody heard the story of the canadian skater who was allowed to become a citizen in an expedited manner (she had one more year to go before meeting the 5 year criterion for eligibility after GC) just before the olympics. Actually, I think she won a silver medal at the olympics for the USA.

    Anyway, from what I hear, she had gotten her GC in 2002 and had been living and training in Detroit with her american skating partner. When she decided to participate as an american, but was not elibible to apply for citizenship until 2007. So, she contacted a lobbyist to help her with her case. The lobbyist was able to convince a michigan senator (not sure who this is) to help. The story is that the senator was able to include a measure in the bill signed by the President in Dec to make it legal for people in the situation such as the skater to apply for citizenship even when the 5 year period is not complete. The measure got passed when the president signed the dec bills.

    So, they filled her application, got the immigration services folks in Detroit to come out during the chrstmas holidays specifically for her, and got her the citizenship in time for her to get her passport for the games.

    So, my point is...if it is legal for the lobbyist to help her (a non-citizen) with her immigration case and it was legal for the senator to introduce the measure, why would it be deemed illegal to do what we are attemting with our lobby firm and our efforts to meet and talk to the senators and congress people?

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  • sbabunle
    01-31 11:01 AM
    The way to go USCIS....and the processing time
    is going to be 4 fold...take it immigrant prospectives!!:D :D :D


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  • jsb
    01-14 11:01 AM
    Tired of waiting ( PD: August 2001) I finally wrote to both my local congressman and Senator today. My senator is on senate Immigration commitee so lets see what happens. Hopefully something will move.
    If this doesnt help I will try Ombudsman next after couple of months. The Ombudsman form has a question of if you have tried through Congressman etc first so we can try and see that.

    Guys its so funny when you see ppl with PD of 2003 and 2005 complaining and bitching. Here we have waited 7 + yrs our PD's are current and we are doing OK. Wait sure brings maturity :)

    USCIS does not process cases in PD order, because they can't. Thousands of files they receive, are sequenced in order they receive them at Centers. They claim that cases are processed in order they receive them. "Receive Date" is not what you see on your receipt, it is the date they physically received the case on (thus if case is moved from one center to another, true Receive Date is the date it was recieved by the last center). You see this data online status as "...we received (or transferred) your case on ...".

    PD critieria is limited to certain countries only. Therefore, by and large, "cases are processed in order they are received..." works well. However, for India, China etc. where PD cutoff has to be factored, it is used merely to decide to work or skip a file (when seen in the receive date order). If PD cutoff date is very restricted, they will have to skip a lot of cases, which slows them down. That's the reason every July they ask for wider PD cutoff dates so that they can consume a lot of visas, as they don't have to skip that many cases.

    This process is a mockery of the PD cutoff dates, but that's how it works. If you sent your case on June 28, 07, with July 2, 07 as the printed Receive Data on your receipt, but the case where it finally rested, was entered in their database on Oct. 28, '07 (with a Notice Date soon thereafter), you case will not be looked at, no matter what the PD cutoff date is, unless all cases received before Oct. 28, '07 have been reviewed.

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  • burnt
    05-31 10:35 AM
    Done - For me and my spouse

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  • vrbest
    10-08 01:18 PM
    Got EAD Card for all of us in a span of 3-5 days. My son got 1 year EAD (10yrs old) but me and my wife got 2 years EAD. Any way happy that I can claim 300$ tax rebate for my son and get SSN for him also..

    Still pending... Just checking to see if there are many waiting like me

    NSC: July 3nd 2008

    FP : Aug 1, 2008

    LUD on AUG 3, 2008

    Still pending approval..

    What a weird system - even for E-Filing (supposed to be online system- easy to organize), we see random approvals. Hope someone realizes and makes the system organized better...

    11-25 07:13 PM
    Current does not mean beyond your PD. There is no mention of PD's being current anytime soon.

    What I mean is the analysis is too optimistic for EB2 China/India, which is hard for me to believe.

    10-28 03:40 PM
    hahahaha.. good one.. what a support to Infy... height of slavery. I accept your veiw point as INFY's and YOURS view point. good keep it up.

    The signature Quote of yours give an answer for your view point.

    Read your Katha upanishad quote:

    Wise take the path of joy and Fools take the path of pleasure. I leave it your discretion whom you are!!!:p

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