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  • tinku01
    02-12 12:00 PM
    HI ..most the CP filers are in US and contribute to Immigration Voice regularly. You can say by mistake or something else some people chose to go for Consular Processing when dates became current and they all are in bad shape at this time. If you think about those who applied for Cp being in US then you would realise 485 filers are too much priviledged in comparison of them.


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  • nageshwarraoj
    04-13 01:50 PM
    Visa Bulletin is already there for May 07 and no changes and you are correct cut and paste except for Phillipines I think.


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  • raj2007
    05-13 06:49 PM
    I and my wife applied for I485(EB3) in July 2007. We both have got our EADs, but not used it.

    My H1 is valid till May 2009. I have I140 approved and have got my H1(3 years) till May 2009.

    My wife has her own H1b valid till Dec 2008.

    We are planning to get divorced. i have applied for Divorce in India in this month (may 2008).

    Is there a way I can cancel my 485 application. Because If i get my green card it will be difficult for me to marry girl from India.

    My wife has mentioned that she will be applying for Divorce in USA.

    Can I withdraw my 485 application and just be on H1 and wait for applying later. I do not care about GC.

    It takes a long time time in India.. It will be much faster depending on state.

    You can withdraw your application citing the reasons. Your date is not current now, so you can wait for some time to withdraw your application.

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  • arnab221
    02-11 10:10 AM
    On one hand we have VLD Rao crunching numbers like CRAY XMP and telling that EB2 will be close to current by End of the Year . On the other hand Mapadpa now says that the movement will be slow . I am a mere mortal and i am confused to the core on what to make of it ,


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  • mallu
    11-29 11:59 PM
    I thought the same but they need to get out of the queue before you and I can get our turn :) .. Good for them finally ...

    In the longer run I guess it makes predicitions easy :).

    One thing , did any other reputed site report this news ?

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  • rameshk75
    02-12 03:40 PM
    Thanks for the info.


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  • angelfire76
    01-03 04:16 PM
    I am not so sure where you get the impression that being a pilot is not a glamarous job any more. If you equate airline pilot to taxi drivers, you would probabily see planes dropping from sky like raining, and I bet few would dare to take commercial airline, unless one with suicidal tendency.
    However, that relates another interesting part about outsourcing: lots of people are saying outsourcing are good and you can get anyone to do the IT job, but it really turned out that lots of oursourced jobs are done so poorly that eventually it costs more for the company.

    I don't know how he/she equated handling a machine as complex as an airplane to a taxi cab. Bad analogy. Pilots are highly paid for a very good reason. Agreed that most of the maintenance is done by the ground crew but to make sense of the ever evolving flight instrumentation panel requires constant training and a significant amount of intelligence.

    Software in certain areas has become a commodity especially coding application software which makes up about 80-85% of all systems developed. But a lot of work such as technical specification, software architecture etc. are still being seen as primarily onsite functions.

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  • ngopikrishnan
    08-19 08:32 PM
    Can someone please post a sample employment verification letter? Thanks!


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  • ItIsNotFunny
    04-13 01:55 PM
    'cause almost all India EB3 visa numbers for this year are gone.

    No. In that case they mark it as "U" unavailable.

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  • LC2002
    09-21 04:20 PM
    That I heard too!! GCs were distributed at Monument but I was late as I could only join at Captol Hill :p so got only FP notice.

    I'm waiting for next Rally to get my GC ... :D

    Did you get it in the rally? I overheard a rumor that they were being distributed. :D


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  • newu77
    07-02 04:11 PM
    I spent $500 for medical.
    Lawyer fee and other expenses (fedex etc) (around $2000) - paid by my company.
    plus $1500 is filing fee (which I guess should be refunded).

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  • GC_dd
    05-29 08:42 PM


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  • Winner
    07-21 08:18 AM
    Oh my god.....Really? is the ice cold there?

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  • sam_hoosier
    12-28 03:43 PM
    Hello Guys,

    I am planning to utilize AC21. My PD is OCT 2005, EB2 India, I-140 was approved in June 2006 and I-485 filed on 2nd July 2007.

    The question I have is if my current employer can do anything, I mean anything at all, now?

    Thank you.

    This has been mentioned earlier in various threads - it is 180 days from the receipt date, and not from filing date.
    Not everyone who filed on July 2nd has the same receipt date.
    Pls check your RD for when your 180 day period ends.


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  • optimystic
    10-22 09:46 PM
    Are you talking about EB3-I? If not, ignore this post...

    EB3-I dates are in Oct 01, there are no cases to approve, what will they approve?
    What makes you think they are processing EB2-I more? Same logic applies here. Wait for the next bulletin, if you are EB3-I in 02 you'll get what is long overdue?

    I am sure there are bunch of cases with PD < Oct 01. My PD is May 2001.
    Something fishy going on. I have already been thru one whole month earlier this year (Apr or May) with my PD being current but my Processing date retrogressed at NSC. And the same this time too. I am planning to take an Info pass once we enter November irrespective of where Processing dates are at. That will be one more whole month with my PD being current and yet no approval received. :mad:

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  • poreddyp
    07-24 03:45 PM
    EAD filed on June 30.
    Received receipt on 7/2
    Waiting for FP notice.


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  • jonty_11
    12-05 02:58 PM
    Not going to happen - whole point of not giving h1's their Social Security is to use to fund USs' dwindling Social Security funds. H1 is supposed to fund SS for the Baby boomers here. There is no way in hell we will get it before 10 years on H1.

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  • ganguteli
    03-27 09:31 AM
    The reason is...probably we are not toiling that hard....As long as one has a paying job, things go reasonably smooth.....and we dont toil as much as it is made out to be.
    The issue comes only when one loses the job...and had to play catch-up with immigration to keep us in status.

    That is also the reason why you don't get mass participation in legal immigration activities.
    I presume people are just happy with the status-quo! They think of going that extra length only when that status quo gets disrupted..

    My 2 cents!

    People will do anything only when they are in trouble. Before that they are happy with their status and would rather spend their time and dollars on fun things in life. Only when reality hits hard they will do anything. A fragmented effort will never be successful. Imagine if this driver License is taken up by thousands of people in a state and they march to the governor office on a day. This issue will make national headlines and state will correct it soon.

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  • greyhair
    07-08 11:23 PM
    eb3retro, i think u & i need not as much worry about oscarzumaran et al..... as we should worry about those who remain silent..... day after day....

    Why should we worry about those who are silent? What do you mean?

    07-25 10:50 AM
    I know before you start blaming me for this thread, as it is of no use, I would like to point out that most of you must be experiencing the same thing. I didn't care much for Visa bulletin until it became current for EB2 two weeks back. As the time progress, I am doing all sorts of things, like checking USCIS case status, and checking everything that can possibly give me some information. I know that it is waste of time, I know it is not good for health, I know that I will get GC when time comes, but still, my mind is tricking me to think about it. I checked all these forums until 2A.M last night. I am not having enough sleep. I am waiting for a opportunity to get rid of my desi employer. I am really getting frustrated (I am not saying that I have been waiting for GC approval desperately). I just want to share my frustration and what I have been going through. I know I am in a better position than most of other people whose priority date is not even current. I wish they never dangled a carrot in front of me. I am not sure if they disappoint me next month, but I am still keeping my hopes. Hopefully, I would get over this and have enough sleep from today.

    07-13 05:04 PM
    Congratulations and you are a VERY generous man!! Hope this will motivate several of us to contribute to the cause.

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